Our In-Depth Guide to Breville Espresso Machines

Our In-Depth Guide to Breville Espresso Machines

As one of today’s most popular coffee machine manufacturers, Breville has a little something for everyone. Their offerings range from froth makers for cappuccinos and hot chocolates, to personal espresso machines that can keep up with the demands of a barista or small café.

Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is proud to carry the full line of Breville products and today we want to highlight their espresso machines, so read on to learn more about today’s leading espresso makers!

What Are the Benefits of Breville Espresso Makers?

  • Convenience: One of the leading benefits of Breville Espresso makers is that they’re extremely convenient. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur who enjoys a fresh cup of espresso at home each morning or a barista in a café, Breville makes everything extremely convenient. For example, their Barista Express model is equipped with an automated dose control grinder, hands-free operation, micro-foam milk texturing, and more. 
  • Affordability: Not only are Breville’s espresso machine models convenient, but they’re also affordable when compared to others on the market. For example, the Barista Express model is around $700. However, with all of the features, it comes with it’s one of the best espresso makers you can buy for the price. As an all-in-one espresso machine, you’d be hard-pressed to find a cheaper alternative.
  • Quality: Breville’s coffee machines all come with a year warranty, so you can protect your investment. They’re also designed with a durable brushed steel exterior, portafilter baskets for both single and double shots, and a stainless-steel milk steamer. With all of the aforementioned accessories (there are even more), they’re extremely compact and you can easily fit them on your countertop at your café or restaurant, or store it out of the way at night or when not being used.

Breville Espresso Makers from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

  • Breville BES500BSS The Bambino Plus Manual Espresso Machine: This mini espresso maker delivers barista-quality coffee and performance. It’s equipped with a 54mm portafilter that can be filled with up to 19 grams of espresso. Additionally, it offers a three-second heat-up time and espresso extraction and is also built with an automatic milk texturing wand. With its thermojet heating system and hands-free operation, it’s like having your favorite café in your very own home.
  • Breville BES980BSS The Oracle Espresso Machine: For those that appreciate café-quality coffee or want to start serving espresso drinks as part of their menu, the Oracle offers a host of benefits. It takes care of the two most difficult parts of making a perfect espresso drink, the preparation of your espresso (grinding, dosing, and tamping) and texturing/steaming your milk. It also comes equipped with a clear and easy-to-use LCD display to make the perfect cup every time.
  • Breville BES870BSS The Barista Express: More high-volume cafes and restaurants will benefit from Breville’s Barista Express. With this machine, like all the others from Breville, you can create the perfect drink quickly and easily. In fact, the Barista Express can make great-tasting espresso in under a minute and offers precise digital temperature control for exactly the right water temperature every time. It also gives users intuitive grind dose controlling and hands-free operation.
  • Breville BES880BSS The Barista Touch Automatic Espresso Machine with Frother and Coffee Grinder: For baristas and servers alike, the Breville Barista Touch Automatic is easy to use even if you’re not an expert. This is due to its built-in coffee grinder and intuitive touch screen display. With this innovative LCD touchscreen display, café and restaurant owners can program drinks directly into the espresso machine, making creating the perfect cup every time simple and efficient. Users can save up to eight custom coffees that can all be made with the press of a button. Like Breville’s other espresso makers, it also offers hands-free operation.

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