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Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment

Restaurant Refrigeration Equipment

Shop Zanduco for all the products required by Chefs, Restaurateurs, Butchers, or any commercial kitchen! New items are being added daily. Please peruse all of our categories to find what you need for your restaurant or foodservice business. In this section you will find Commercial Reach-In Refrigerators, Freezers, Glass Door Merchandisers, Beer Fridges and more! We continue to work diligently to provide you with the best possible prices, while ensuring your order is shipped out in a timely manner and arrives, damage free. Products are shipped directly to you from our warehouses, or from our partner manufacturers.

We offer a wide variety of brands from True refrigeration, Turbo Air, Habco, Ikon to Imbera. Zanduco covers all your refrigeration needs with the best brands and the best pricing. We provide back bar and wine coolers, blast chillers, chest and ice cream freezers, chef bases, refrigerated display cases, floor model merchandisers, ice machines, food prep tables and a variety of reach-in refrigerators and reach-in freezers. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you with your questions. Commercial display cases are a must-have for any food service establishment that needs to merchandise food and beverages to their customers. 


Back Bar Coolers

To efficiently store, serve drinks, and save some space, a back bar cooler will be a great addition to your business.

Blast Chillers

Chill foods and keep them at the optimal temperature for storage with a blast chiller. Taking complete control over your food means eliminating the possibility of harmful bacteria, while increasing the shelf life of your products!

Bottle Coolers

Keep your cold drinks into proper serving temperature. Efficiently use the working space for your restaurant, bar, or cafe 

Chest Freezers

Add more sufficient storage for your frozen products for your home or business with our variety of chest freezers. We carry a variety of sizes depending on ample freezer storage you need for everyday use.

Combination Refrigerators / Freezers

Two for the price of one; these combination units have both refrigeration and freezing sections. Store just about all your products and keep them both chilled and frozen, all in the same unit.

Commercial Chef Bases

Maximize your kitchen space with our selection of chef bases. These units can be used as an equipment stand while keeping your ingredients refrigerated.

Counter Top Refrigerated Display Cases

These commercial merchandisers will increase sales and decrease labour costs, as the products are in full display for all to see!

Draft Beer System

Keep beer and chilled and ready to be served for customers with this draught beer fridge. Pull top to dispense cold and refreshing beer. 

Floral Merchandisers

Keep you flower and bouquets hydrated and in full bloom with these floral merchandisers.

Floor Model Refrigerated Display Cases

Easily accessible for customers to access pre-made food, drinks, baked goods, and other types of food, these display cases are perfect for any behind-the-counter service, and for a high-volume, self-serve establishment.

Food Prep Tables

Maintain freshness and increase productivity in your deli, pizzeria, or sandwich shop, with a refrigerated commercial prep table! Our wide selection of refrigerated food preparation tables makes storing and handling a large amount of diverse and fresh food products much easier!

Food Preservation

These commercial showcase cabinets are ideal for the maturation of meats, which produces a series of microclimates in as little as eleven days! These commercial maturation cabinets are perfect for your butcher shop or deli!

Glass Chillers and Sanitizers

Sanitize and chill your glassware in seconds with a reliable chiller/sanitizer. It's the best way to keep beverages chilled without diluting the taste, all while killling unwanted bacteria!

Glass Door Merchandisers

One door, two doors or three doors, we have it here! With our large selection, including True Refrigeration merchandisers, we carry all sizes, with the option of slide or swing doors!

Ice Cream Freezers

Our commercial ice cream freezers are designed to sell and increase sales of frozen products. Display and serve your best-selling items!

Ice Machines

We carry high production ice machines that are made with durable stainless steel exterior, with various options of under counter commercial machines and built in ice storage.

Indoor Gardening

Create the ideal environment for specialty plants, leafy greens, herbs, and more with eco-friendly indoor gardening!

Open Refrigerated Display Cases

Open refrigerated display cases are a necessity for any food service establishment that works with employees behind the counter.

Reach-In Freezers

Our commercial reach-ins are designed with durable quality stainless steel, and are made to provide the users with colder product temperatures while maintaining low utility costs.

Reach-In Refrigerators

Our commercial reach-ins are designed with durable quality stainless steel, and are made to provide the users with colder product temperature while maintain low utility costs.

Soft Serve Machines

Convenient and easy-to-use, our soft serve machine elegantly produce delicious soft serves; perfect for hot summer days.

Sushi Showcases

Bring the Japanese cuisine to life while generating impulse sales with a reliable sushi case!

Glass Froster

Perfect to line the back of your bar with, and the useful close-at-hand storage minimizes the time bartenders have to stock up!

Undercounter Freezers

Outfit your restaurant, sandwich shop, bar, concessions stand, pizzeria and snack bar with an under counter freezer, the perfect addition to save space and keep key ingredients close!

Undercounter Refrigerators

A commercial under counter refrigerator is the perfect solution to keep key ingredients and products close to where you need them

Wine Cellars and Appliances

Present your most popular wines, in the best way possible! Show off your collection with our selection of wine cellars and appliances.

Worktop Refrigeration

Get the best of both worlds; undergo your food prep while keeping your products and ingredients fresh. Ideal for any commercial establishment, these worktop refrigeration units are the best solution to do food prep while easily accessing all your produce.