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Expand the lifetime of your food with a vacuum packaging machine! Not only does it expand a product’s lifetime, but it also keeps food fresh and organized. A vacuum machine is a must-have for any commercial food establishment. It provides users with the ability to maintain freshness and to keep food products for longer periods of time. Perfect for meats, vegetables, and cheeses, vacuum packaging machines remove the air from the bag, which allows the products to last longer!

Want to try sous-vide cooking? These vacuum packaging machines and bags are the perfect complement to our Omcan sous-vide cookers and Zanduco sous-vide machine! Shop Zanduco for all of your cooking needs now!

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Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum Packaging Machines

Vacuum packaging machines are a great tool for any kitchen! These machines enable you to buy ingredients in bulk or try new cooking methods! They’re both perfect for sealing fresh foods and essential for cooking sous-vide. 

Vac Pac Bags

Vac Pac Bags

Browse our comprehensive selection of vacuum packaging bags to complete your kitchen! We carry many sizes in embossed or standard styles to suit your exact needs. 

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Embossed Bags

Embossed Bags

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Standard Vac Pac Bags

Standard Vac Pac Bags

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Vacuum Packaging Top Products

Omcan Embossed Vac Pac Bag 6X12 1000/Case

USD $143.30

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Omcan Standard Vac Pac Bag 14X20 3Mil 500/Case

USD $224.83

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Omcan 0.5 HP Countertop Economy Vacuum Packaging Machine

USD $1,527.78

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Omcan Turbovac Table Top Vacuum Packaging Machine 12.8 x 13.2" 16 M³

USD $4,696.80

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Omcan Embossed Vac Pac Bag 10X18 100/Pk

USD $36.15

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