Round Containers

Store your food ingredients in our Camwear polycarbonate round food storage containers, to not only preserve freshness, but to promote organization and efficiency at your home or commercial establishment. Clear containers are useful as you can identify the content without having to remove from your storage shelf or open the lid. By using the proper fitting lid, these storage containers can be stacked upon one another, to maximize your storage space.

Round containers are used over square containers as they promote proper air circulation, and are ideal for food products, such as soups, chilis, and sauces, that need stirring. Use rotation labels to clearly mark what is in the container, when it was stored, and when it will be good till! This process helps with inventory, stock, and to ensure every food item is fresh! With the proper lid, and attached handles, these containers can be easily transferred, without having to worry about spillage. Store anything from raw and cooked produce to dry ingredients such as spices, dry pastas, breadcrumbs, and more! Available in 1 QT to 22 QT, choose from a selection of varying capacities to suit your every need!

Camwear® Polycarbonate Round Food Storage Containers

Store ingredients or transport ready to serve or partially prepared foods.  Clear Camwear polycarbonate allows for easy content identification at a glance. Reduces risk of contamination and enhances food safety. Round shape promotes proper air circulation, ideal for stirring soups and sauces.

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