Sharpening Stones

While sharpening steels are used to maintain the sharpness of your knives, a sharpening stone allows your knife to get a brand new edge every time you use it. Edges get dull over continuous use, and in a kitchen, knife lifespans can vary. Opt to upkeep your own knives at your home, butcher shop, or restaurant, by learning how to properly care and maintain your knives. Zanduco carries a selection of fine, medium, and course, in a variety of different materials. Oil for sharpening stones is used to lubricate the stones prior to sharpening, which will protect the stone, and prevent debris from building up.

The key to using sharpening stones is to sharpen with a consistent angle, as the angle determines how sharp your edges will be. If you are able to upkeep your knives constantly, remember that the smaller the angle used to sharpen is, the sharper the edge of the knife. Though sharp edges are the main goal of this task, the sharper the edge, the sooner the sharpness will fade. Ensure that your knives are being sharpened the proper amount, and only when they need to be maintained or sharpened, to preserve their full function. 

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