Commercial Meat Slicers

Owning a meat slicer means owning your own freshness, on your own time. Light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty, Zanduco has the meat slicer your deli, commercial kitchen, grocery store, or restaurant needs.

A staple in every deli or sandwich shop, a meat slicer provides you with the ability to make and prepare food, at the pace and quantity you need. Depending on the time of day or time of week, you can either load up or slice per order. Sold more than you bargained for? Electric slicers don’t take long to use, and it ensures the quality and freshness for every customer.

Whether a low or high volume operation, the quality and freshness stay the same. Globe, Omas, Vollrath, or Omcan, we carry the professional meat slicers that are on all chefs’ wish lists. Need a show piece slicer? Go manual with the Omcan Volano manual slicers, ranging in size from 10 to 14 inches. 

Meat Slicer Reference Guide

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