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Find the pasta dies you need for your pasta machine in the collection of dies available from Zanduco. The variety of Omcan pasta dies is sure to satisfy your customers with the range of dishes you can make with them! Create your own diverse pasta shapes and sizes that will please your patrons!

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Pasta Die for PM-IT-0015 (Item 13397) Floor Model Pasta Machine with 13-lb Capacity and 1 HP

Pasta Dies for PM-IT-0002 (Item 13317) Pasta Machine TR50 - Electric Extruder - 2.8 Lb Capacity

Pasta Dies for PM-IT-0004 (Item 13320) Countertop Pasta Machine with 3.74-lb Capacity and 1/2 HP

Pasta Dies for PM-IT-0008 (Item 13364) Floor Model Pasta Machine with 8.8-lb Capacity and 3/4 HP

Pasta Dies for PM-IT-0025 (16643) / PM-IT-0025 -T(13236) / PM-IT-0040 (13440)

Pasta Dies for PM-IT-0080 (Item 13286) Floor Model Pasta Machine with 110-lb Capacity and 5.5 HP

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