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Commercial Dishwashing Equipment

Commercial Dishwasher Equipment

Busy day and low staff? Don’t let your worrying about space affect your workflow! With our commercial sinks, you will be able to efficiently clean and organize dishes. Our 3-tub stainless steel pot washing sinks allow you to organize dishes between high and low priority, in order to wash the dishes you need. Our stainless steel dishwashing sinks gives you enough space to be able to soak difficult dishes, without having to sacrifice a tub to wash high priority dishes. Stock up on all the necessary parts and accessories; rubber floor matting and slanted drying racks to speed up the drying process!

1 Tub Stainless Steel Commercial Pot Washing Sinks

The 1 tub commercial pot-washing sink is the perfect first-step to creating a productive and efficient commercial kitchen atmosphere! We carry the highest quality stainless steel, perfect for either a fast rinse or an overnight soak.

2 Tub Stainless Steel Commercial Pot Washing Sinks

With our 2 tub compartment sinks, you are able to dedicate each tub to a separate task! This increases efficiency and limits the amount of time spent on hard-to-clean pots and pans.

3 Tub Stainless Steel Commercial Pot Washing Sinks

The three-tub commercial kitchen sinks are perfect for high production kitchens, as they have the space to hold a larger number of pots and pans. Choose to assign each tub to a different task, or making it an assembly line of dishwashing steps to save on utility costs and time!

Bar Drainboards

Bar drainboards make for the perfect station to create your signature beverages. Our stainless steel models are ideal for commercial environments!

Blender Station

When you have endless drinks to make during the day, keep everything within arms reach using a blender station! Prep, serve and clean all in one go!

Clean Dish Tables

Whether you are adding a commercial dish-table to your pre-existing pot-washing sink, or to your dishwasher, Zanduco carries various sizes of both left and right style stainless steel dish tables for any sized establishment.

Dish Cabinets

A dish cabinet is the best organizational unit that assists with adding storage space to your establishment. Our sturdy dish cabinets keep your dinnerware organized and easily accessible!

Dish Room & Accessories

Keep your dirty dishes organizes! Provide a dishwashing system that works best for your unique establishment’s needs, by accessorizing your dish room with the proper accessories to get the job done faster!

Dishwashing Equipment

Our wide selection of name brand dish washing machines have various size and temperature configurations. We’ll help you find the machine that meets your needs! Keep your dish area organized and professional looking with our many accessories and storage solutions.

Hand Sinks, Hand Sink Pedestals, & Hand Sink Accessories

Keep sanitary by providing hand-free cleaning! Hands sinks are a must-have for any food service establishment, no matter the size or type of business. Help keep your employees sanitary, by providing them with easy to use sinks.

Ice Bins

Keep your service running smoothly knowing you have ice on-hand; our ice bins are constructed with stainless steel to withstand everyday use in restaurants and bars.

Mop Sinks

A dirty mop and no place to go? Give your mop a home with a mop sink, a much-needed accessory to keep cleaning sanitary and not a waste! 

Pot Racks

Make shelf-space double functioning! Optimize kitchen space and accessories by adding a pot rack, rather than a standard shelf! Place over sinks to double as a drying rack for pots and pans, or near cooking equipment to be more accessible!

Pre-Rinse & Faucets

Rinse it off! Using a pre-rinse faucet will decrease time used to scrub the hardened substances on difficult dishes later on! Perfect accessory to use if your commercial kitchen is hustling and bustling!

Rubber Floor Matting, Anti-Fatigue

Ensure the comfort and safety of your employees by adding anti-fatigue and terracotta rubber floor matting to your establishment! Must-have additions to any behind-the-counter service, these anti-fatigue mats provide standing relief and help prevent slipping on wet surfaces.

Slant Rack Shelves

A must have accessory for any commercial kitchen establishment! Not only do they provide organized sorting and shelving, they double as a sanitary drying rack! Perfect to place above dish tables and drain boards!

Soiled Dish Tables

Keep your extremely dirty dishes separate from your easy cleans! If your food service establishment tends to have dirty dishes on a wide spectrum, don’t contaminate and waste water by mixing dishes!

Stainless Steel Drop-in Sinks

Keep dishwashing simple. Create washing, rinsing and sanitizing stations for better work flow. The practical designs of these sinks compliment any commercial establishment setting.

Tub Sink Accessories

Stainless steel drain boards available to increase the functionality of your commercial tub sinks. Available in different sizes, these accessories are the perfect addition to increase space in an otherwise small area.

Underbar Sinks

The underbar sinks provide you with a proper, efficient way to clean glasses, without having to leave your busy bar to get clean glassware! Whether the kitchen is busy or slow, don’t rely on them to get your glassware clean!

Undercounter Dish Tables

Clean one dish after the next with absolute efficiency using our undercounter dish tables. This addition to your dish room will help your cut down on time during clean up.

Floor Drains

Protect your floors and ensure liquid accurately drains in your kitchen using our selection of floor troughs and drains.

Portable Hand Sinks

Enjoy high quality handwashing with self contained portable hand sinks!