Zanduco carries a large selection of serving spoons, kitchen spoons, mixing spoons, tasting spoons and more, in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours! One spoon does not fit all, when it comes to the kitchen. Vollrath spoodles available to portion and strain soups, stews, and more, easily! Smaller capacity spoodles available for sauces and spices.

Don’t want to scratch your pans? Opt for a wooden spoon when mixing, or a nylon prep spoon, to withstand the higher temperatures of the stove. Basting spoons available, with a durable and efficient design. With no crevices to collect unwanted liquids, these utensils are sure to last a long time in your kitchen! Use our solid and slotted stainless steel spoons as an elegant pair of salad tossers, as their round ends do not muddle or bruise ingredients! Cambro Camwear perforated spoons are used to control the liquid to ingredient ratio when serving soups and stews! 


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