What’s the Best Commercial Kitchen Mixer for Your Kitchen?

What’s the Best Commercial Kitchen Mixer for Your Kitchen?
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If your old dough mixer isn’t cutting it anymore or you’re expanding your catering/restaurant services, then investing in a new commercial kitchen mixer that suits your needs is key. However, choosing the perfect one for your establishment might be a little daunting, so Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has collected everything you need to know here, from the right machine to the best mixer bowls!

Planetary Model Mixers

Planetary Model Mixers are also often referred to as “all-purpose” mixers designed to handle everything from creating sauces to mashed potatoes, pizza, bread dough, and much more. Since they’re more versatile than other alternatives, it can be a good choice for those that offer a more extensive menu, or others that want to expand their offerings to include new items. The mixers will feature a removable dough pot as well as other removable accessories, such as a mixing paddle, whisk, and dough mixer. Additionally, for those who need them, there is a range of other accessories that can chop meat, slice vegetables, grate cheese, and much more. 

Spiral Mixers

Spiral Mixers are ideal for bakeries and pizzerias that spend most of their time creating pastries, pizzas, and other artisanal bread like bagels or pretzels. One of the primary things that makes it such a perfect choice for more dough/bread-centric establishments is because the spiral hook’s rotational movement creates a perfectly mixed, homogenous dough. It offers better results for your customers, and they can expect the same high-quality every time. The mixing bowl is also designed to rotate in both directions, easily blending ingredients consistently and evenly. 

How to Determine What Size Mixer is Right for You

Once you’ve identified whether a planetary or spiral mixer is the right one for your establishment, you’ll need to figure out what size you’ll need. It’s important to note that the size of planetary mixers is usually measured in quarts, whereas for spiral mixers it’s the amount of dough that can be mixed. Additionally, consider whether you’ll be mixing small batches each day or larger batches less frequently. This can also help you determine the best size.

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