Patio Heater: Gas, Propane, or Electric?

Experts are predicting a cold winter, so if you're planning to keep your restaurant patio open, you'll definitely need one or more patio heaters to help keep your customers warm. The question is, what kind of patio heater is best for your needs? There are three basic types on the market - natural gas, propane, or electric - and they each have their advantages or disadvantages.

14 days ago

Turkey Alternatives for Thanksgiving

Having a turkey as the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving meal is certainly a tradition that’s been practiced for nearly a century. However, these days, turkey isn’t a necessity for having a great meal to celebrate with. Here Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies offers some turkey alternatives!

16 days ago

Cubed vs. Crushed: What Type of Ice is the Best?

When trying to determine what type of ice to serve in your alcoholic drinks or other beverages, choosing the right ice maker might be tougher than you think. This is because there are different types of machines out there that create different types of ice. Some types of ice are perfect for bartending and mixing drinks while others work great in that glass of water or sweet tea.

3 months ago

It’s Patio Season! Are You Prepared?

Enjoying a meal out on a patio on a nice day is certainly a treat, whether at home or at a restaurant. However, you’ll need the proper setup to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible. At Zanduco Restaurant & Supplies, we sell a variety of patio furniture. Here we’ve collected some insight into patio furniture trends and other tips, so read on!


3 months ago

Keep Cool for the Summer: Ice Cream & Other Summer Desserts

Whether you own a small café or a large, high-volume restaurant, you probably have some dessert items on the menu. But serving ice cream is completely different, especially if you’re making it. As Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies can tell you, it takes the right type of equipment and experience to serve ice cream or run an ice-cream store.

3 months ago

Porcelain, Stoneware, or China - What's the Difference Between Dinnerware Sets?

So, you're looking to find great dinnerware sets for your Canadian restaurant that will help you stand out and achieve the ambiance you want.  The problem is various terms used to describe dinnerware often seem imprecise, or overlap.  What's the difference between materials such as porcelain, china, ceramic, or stoneware?

5 months ago

A Barbecue Grill Buyer’s Guide

Adding a quality barbecue grill to your restaurant or range of catering equipment can help increase offerings to patrons and provide you a quick and easy way to make unique, grilled dishes that really get your client’s mouths watering. However, since there are so many out there to choose from, the team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies wanted to make things easier on you by providing an in-depth guide.

6 months ago

Enjoying Baking & Cooking at Home During COVID-19 | Zanduco

Has your favorite restaurant around the corner shut its doors until things return to normal? Perhaps you find yourself in the house much more these days due to social distancing. Either way now is a great time to hone those cooking skills or beef up your residential cookware collection. Even if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen, taking the time to learn a few new recipes or cooking styles is a great way to have fun while still staying safe and healthy at home.

The team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies knows that sometimes it can be tough to be cooped up at home, which is why we’re here to provide a little inspiration. Here are some great ways to stay busy while keeping safe during COVID-19.

11 months ago

: Serving Your Customers Some Keto-Friendly Options | Zanduco

The ketogenic diet - keto for short - seems to be here to stay.  Unlike many fad diets, keto has been around for years and continues to gain adherents.  However, keto-friendly restaurants are still relatively rare, particularly those who devote large portions of their menu to keto meals.


11 months ago

Getting Your Foodservice Business Ready for Thanksgiving | Zanduco

With the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, you might be planning for a boost in business and additional patrons. Whether you own your own restaurant or operate a catering company, Thanksgiving can certainly be a big holiday, so the team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies wanted to share some pointers with you to help make it a success. Here are a few commercial food service resources for those keeping their doors open for the holiday this year!

11 months ago
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