The Benefits of Keeping Your Restaurant and Kitchen Clean

The Benefits of Keeping Your Restaurant and Kitchen Clean
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Every restaurant wants to serve great food at reasonable prices, but there's one aspect of running a commercial kitchen that is even more important: health and sanitation. Nothing can ruin a restaurant faster than a food poisoning incident, or a failed city/province health inspection. Even a single incident can absolutely wreck a restaurant's reputation.

So, it's vital to have plenty of commercial kitchen cleaning supplies, and other items needed to ensure your food is being prepared safely.

The Most Important Elements of Health and Sanitation in Your Commercial Kitchen

1 - Well-maintained refrigeration and freezing systems

Always keep your commercial refrigerator and freezer cleaned, and regularly cleared of any expired items that might potentially contaminate other food stored nearby. Keep an eye on temperatures as well. Beyond the risk of food contamination from inadequate cooling, if either your refrigerator or freezer stops doing their job, you'll have to sacrifice everything in them - potentially a ruinous loss of food.

If you ever think your refrigerator or freezer is under-performing, look to upgrade. Ignoring the problem is not an acceptable risk.

2 - Enforce sanitary measures among your staff

For starters, your restaurant must have a stand-alone hand-washing station, which should always be equipped with soap, hand sanitizer, and paper towels for drying. Be sure this is constantly well-stocked. Also, never let your workers slack off in regards to personal cleanliness. This should be a religiously enforced point of conduct.

3 - Fully stocked janitorial supplies

Even if you hire out your janitorial services, your restaurant still needs to keep a stock of professional janitorial equipment on hand. This includes all the basics: buckets, mops, brooms, brushes, cleaning cloths, soap, and other cleaning chemicals, and safety equipment like gloves. You never know when an accident may occur which needs to be cleaned up immediately.

4 - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Ever since the COVID-19 outbreak, maintaining PPE at a restaurant has become a high priority. You should be ready to supply face masks, disposable gloves, hairnets, and high-quality aprons whenever needed. As with handwashing and sanitation, you should always enforce the use of these whenever your workers are on the clock.

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