The Benefits of Investing in an Electric Tea Kettle

The Benefits of Investing in an Electric Tea Kettle
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When choosing commercial kitchen equipment for your operation, there are endless choices - but one which is often overlooked is the humble electric tea kettle. While electric kettles are commonplace in Europe and Asia, they aren't as frequently seen in the Americas. However, there's no real reason for that. A good electric kettle can be an excellent investment for almost any restaurant, and they're typically inexpensive as well.

If you ever find yourself struggling to provide enough hot water for your drinks or serve a lot of tea, an electric tea kettle is an excellent investment!

What Is an Electric Tea Kettle?

As the name suggests, an electric tea kettle is a device that is specifically designed to quickly heat up water, with a direct connection to a wall outlet. Unlike more traditional teapots they are an all-in-one system, capable of heating water without the need of a stovetop or other source of heat. 

Typically, they include a tea infuser, which can be removed if you simply want to heat up water. Unlike coffee makers, electric tea pots are specifically designed for this.

Why Purchase an Electric Kettle?

This unassuming piece of kitchen equipment has more uses than you might expect!

1 - Quickly heat up the water

The main purpose of an electric tea kettle is to heat up water as quickly as possible. They are much faster and more efficient at this than any other method, typically taking half the time or less than boiling water on a stovetop or microwave.

2 - Free up stove space

The other problem with heating water on the stove or microwave is that it's taking over an important piece of kitchen equipment for a very mundane task. You're probably already fighting to have enough stovetops for all the dishes you're cooking, so why waste one with a pot of water when there's a better solution?

3 - Precise control of water temperature

Restaurant-grade electric kettles don't simply bring water to a boil. They have precise temperature control and can deliver whatever temperature is desired. This is important if you're making more delicate teas, such as white teas, which are easily scorched with hot water. You can choose the perfect temperature every time.

This also makes them superior to using coffee makers to create hot water, since those typically only have one heat setting, tuned specifically for coffee. Electric kettles are much more versatile. 

4 - Electric kettles have smart shut-off and warming settings

Another benefit to electric tea kettles is that they don't have to take off the heat once the water is boiling; their internal sensors will take care of that for you.

5 - Hot water on demand

Larger electric kettles can potentially hold gallons of water at once, which makes them highly convenient if you serve other hot drinks such as hot cocoa. They could potentially even help supplement stovetop cooking, such as if you need to add some water to the soup without letting it cool.

Don't Forget to Invest in Regular Teapots

Even though you'll never have to put a teapot on the stove, your customers will still expect tea to be delivered in more traditional teapots. Fortunately, if you're making the tea in an electric kettle, you can choose your teapot specifically based on its looks and how well your customers will like it.

 This is a great opportunity to create a classic presentation!

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