Choosing the Right Size Commercial Range for Your Kitchen

Right Size Commercial Range for your kitchen
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Professional kitchen equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your restaurant or food service business, you might have a few distinct items that align with your offerings, including a commercial range. This is an appliance that only some in the food industry can go without since it provides a versatile and essential cooking area.

A professional kitchen range can come in many shapes and sizes. As a restaurant or food business owner, only you know which commercial range best suits your needs. Whether you are replacing an existing cooktop or adding a new one, this post will help you choose the right one to get the job done.

Evaluating Your Kitchen's Size and Layout

Planning the flow of your kitchen takes some time. To seamlessly move from one station to another, the size and layout must be carefully examined, and appliances placed in the correct space. This will also dictate the type of commercial range that will work best in your kitchen.


Square footage can be limiting in areas where prep and cooking need to be done. Measure out areas that will be suitable for your range along the walls. Ensure you have space on either side so it is not too cramped and ventilation can be used effectively when cooking.


Your kitchen layout's primary focus is where you put the professional kitchen equipment and appliances. Areas should flow easily into the next step in cooking or prep, such that you wouldn’t put a fridge next to your commercial range as the food inside likely needs to undergo some sort of container change or chopping before firing up the cooktop.

Identifying the Cooking Needs of Your Commercial Kitchen

Are you known for your extensive menu of cooked meals? Or is your food business more focused on cooler items? In either case, the amount of cooking you do will dictate the needs of your professional kitchen range and the number of burners it has. 

Frequent Range Use

If you or your staff find yourself cooking at all hours of the day, a more extensive commercial range with more burners and space would be an ideal addition to your kitchen. A larger unit would suit the demand for these kinds of businesses, such as dine-in or takeout restaurants or catering companies.

Varied Range Use

A suitable range for a kitchen with a varied amount of cooktop use might have smaller burners or more simplistic features. Fewer bells and whistles don’t mean it’s not as good of an appliance,  they just mean you are maximizing your usage and considering your needs. A bakery or coffee shop might benefit more from a more condensed commercial range. 

Exploring the Various Types of Commercial Ranges and Their Size Options

If you're looking for the right-sized commercial range for your kitchen, Zanduco has numerous options from quality brands like American Range, Garland, Imperial, Vulcan, and Omcan. You can narrow your search by gas or electric models, how many burners you need, and whether you require a griddle.

American Range AR-4B-12RG 36" Heavy Duty Gas Range with Four Burners and a 12" Raised Griddle

Cover all of your restaurant’s needs with this American Range dual gas range and griddle. It has four burners and a 12-inch raised broiler with manual controls to handle any cooking requirements. Additionally, the oven has one rack and is porcelain coated for easy cleaning capabilities, and uses a matchless push-button ignition to light the standing oven pilot.

Garland SS686 Electric Range Six Burner

If you need six burners to get the job done, Garland’s electric range will work great for your business. This appliance is also ideal if your kitchen would prefer an electric range over a gas option. The oven's interior is porcelain and includes four removable chrome-plated oven racks to complete all of your cooking and baking needs. As an added benefit, the large sealed elements are 30% more powerful compared to others.

Imperial IR-10 60" 10 Open Burners and Two 26.5" Wide Standard Ovens

Experience the capacity of a 10-burner commercial range designed to improve the efficiency of food service kitchens. The 60-inch cooktop has cast iron grates covering each burner and features a five-inch stainless steel landing ledge for plating and other needs. In the ovens, you’ll find porcelainized sides, rear, deck, and door lining, along with one chrome oven rack. The Imperial IR-10 can be fitted for natural gas or propane, depending on your unique business.

The Impact of Size of Commercial Ranges

For many, the idea of a bigger professional kitchen range means it is a better choice for their business. However, this isn’t always the case. A bigger range is only better if it works for your restaurant. Ultimately, the right size range is the one that serves your kitchen best while accounting for the other professional kitchen equipment you use.

The Performance

Although large commercial ranges tend to have more features, smaller ranges can perform just as well. In most cases, the brand you buy has the most impact on a commercial range’s performance. A brand may exclusively offer electric or gas models, further influencing the range’s capabilities.

Energy Efficiency

As a necessary piece of equipment, you want your commercial range to bring revenue to your business, not cost you more than it is worth. Energy efficiency comparisons can come from the EnerGuide in Canada, or the Energy Guide rating in the U.S. Just because a commercial range is bigger doesn’t mean it isn’t energy efficient!

For many food businesses, a professional kitchen range is essential to their operations. At Zanduco, we stock various professional kitchen equipment brands ideal for a range of food services businesses. Our selection of commercial ranges comes in all shapes and sizes, you’re sure to find just what you need! Reach out to us to learn more about our products.


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