Why Invest in a Milkshake Machine?

Why Invest in a Milkshake Machine?

Whether you like your milkshakes thick and chocolatey or smooth with a dollop of whipped cream, having a milkshake maker on hand can be a huge benefit for restaurants and catering companies alike. Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies carries a variety of milkshake machines and here we wanted to discuss some of their benefits and why they’re one of our best-sellers.

Top Benefits of Milkshake Makers

If you’re considering investing in a milkshake maker, there are some great advantages for every type of food service establishment. Here are just a few of them.

  • They’re Safer: One of the foremost benefits of milkshake makers is that they’re safer to use than other alternatives. This is because when using a blender, you’ll often need to push ice cream all the way down to the bottom of the machine for a proper blend; this means getting close to those razor-sharp blades down there. Of course, you don’t have to push the ice cream down but unfortunately, it can result in a drop-in consistency and taste.
  • They’re Colder & Quicker: Milkshake machines are colder and quicker than blenders due to their longer blending shaft. You can create a colder milkshake that’s thoroughly mixed in much less time, giving your patrons an ice-cold, delicious product that takes only minutes to make.
  • They Create Thicker & Tastier Milkshakes: Lastly, but certainly not least, milkshake makers can provide a better texture. We’ve all had one of those milkshakes that are so thick you have to start with a spoon because a straw simply won’t do; these are made in milkshake makers. This is because they froth the milk and ice cream rather than simply blending it.

What’s the Difference Between Milkshake Makers & Blenders?

One of the key differences between milkshake makers and blenders is that the former is specifically designed to create milkshakes, whereas the latter is designed to blend a variety of different ingredients. So, with a milkshake maker, you’re getting something that was developed specifically for two primary ingredients: ice cream and milk. This gives you greater control and consistency than blenders. 

Another difference between milkshake makers and blenders is that blenders can take up a lot of room and counter space. However, since milkshake makers contain a much long mixing shaft and are usually installed on a stand, they can easily be placed out of the way and won’t take up valuable counter space for food preparation.

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If you’re in need of the perfect milkshake maker, Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies carries a variety to choose from including:

Omcan BL-CN-0001 Single Spindle Countertop Drink Mixer - 400 W:

This high-powered milkshake machine contains a durable, polished alloy head and base, in addition to smooth, rounded construction for easy cleaning and storage. Its high-power industrial motor makes mixing easy, providing the perfect consistency. The Omcan Single Spindle Countertop Drink Mixer also comes with a stainless-steel cup for mixing.

Waring WDM360TX Heavy-Duty Triple-Spindle Drink Mixer with Timer:

For those with higher demand for milkshakes, such as cafes or ice cream shops, Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies carries the Waring Heavy-Duty Triple-Spindle Drink Mixer with Timer. This milkshake machine features an increased cup clearance, enabling users to slide mixing cups into position without the need for tilting them for the spindle to reach the bottom. Additionally, it features a ten-minute timer, as well as a fully-automatic, cup-activated start-and-stop operation.

Santos #54 Drink Mixer / Electric Shaker:

For those that want something a bit more versatile that can still make the perfect milkshake, the Santos #54 Drink Mixer / Electric Shaker is ideal. It boasts a heavy-duty, silent motor that’s equipped with automatic activation and bowl detection technology. In addition to milkshakes, it can also make the perfect smoothie and cappuccino cream.


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