The Top Energy-Efficient Refrigerators for Professional Kitchens

The Top Energy-Efficient Refrigerators for Professional Kitchens
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When planning your professional kitchen’s layout, you’d be amiss to skip over the need for a quality commercial refrigeration unit. These appliances are a staple in every home and restaurant kitchen worldwide, keeping food items fresh and ready to be prepared. When choosing a refrigerator for your food service business, several factors might come into play as you decide on the right one. One factor to consider should be the Energy Star rating.

Equipment is what helps your professional kitchen run at its highest capacity. A refrigerator is an essential part of that capacity, and Energy Star designations meet customer needs while remaining cost-effective regarding your overhead costs. So, what is an Energy Star Rating, and how can you determine your next commercial refrigeration unit? Read on to learn more.

Understanding Energy Star Label

A U.S.-run program, Energy Star® focuses on energy efficiency for various appliances. The rating system provides information regarding the energy consumption of items like light bulbs, washing machines, and refrigerators. This data is considered unbiased and credible, derived by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy. The Energy Star rating allows businesses and homeowners to make well-informed decisions about appliance purchases and comprehensively understand their energy or hydro consumption.

Why is the Energy Star Rating Important for Commercial Refrigeration?

Running a professional kitchen can be an expensive endeavor. Cutting costs might not be possible in many areas of your business, especially since the appliance you use, such as your commercial refrigeration unit, is necessary to maintain the quality food your customers have come to know and love. As a result, reducing your energy consumption from these appliances is ideal for lowering operating costs. The Energy Star rating does not compromise on quality for efficiency but rather recognizes refrigerators and other appliances for their innovation in their industry.

Top Energy-Efficient Refrigerator Models for Professional Kitchens

Brands like Atosa, True Refrigeration, Ikon, Imbera, Aurora, and Zanduco are all exemplary options for your commercial refrigeration needs. Each has several energy-efficient models that are Energy Star rated. Some top picks for your consideration include:

Atosa MBF8004GR Top Mount Solid One Door Reach-In Refrigerator

This unit is stainless steel, with a single door and recessed handle. It features a top mount compressor design for ease of access and a Dixell digital controller to maintain temperatures between -33 to 40°F. It has a standard door lock and three pre-installed shelves to organize all of your necessary food items. It’s also Energy Star-rated.

Imbera 29.5" All Black Elite Single Swing Door Refrigerator G319

With 19.2 cu. ft. of space, this swing-door refrigerator provides an easy view of your food items and optimal organization opportunities. With an LED lighting system that does not need to be replaced for up to seven years, this Energy Star-rated refrigeration unit is also environmentally friendly, with a sleek design and highly efficient components.

Ikon IB54R - 54" Two Door Reach-In Refrigerator

Ensure you have space for all your business’s refrigeration needs with the Ikon IB54R two-door reach-in refrigerator. This appliance encompasses 39 cu. ft. and does not compromise on the Energy-Star rating. With six heavy-duty epoxy-coated shelves behind each door, your storage and organization options are seemingly endless for semi-cooked or prepared food, along with plenty of space left over for produce.

Zanduco 81" Triple Door Reach-In Refrigerator

The larger your operations, the bigger your refrigerator should be. PVC-coated shelves hold onto the cool atmosphere and work overtime to keep items cold. With a capacity of 72 cu. ft., the Zanduco triple door reach-in refrigerator delivers high performance coupled with an automatic defrost option. It’s insulated with cyclopentane foam, which is used for energy efficiency in various well-known refrigeration brands.

Features to Look for in an Energy-Efficient Refrigerator

No matter the type of commercial refrigeration unit you choose to add to your professional kitchen, it needs to align with your specific requirements. In addition, it should also be energy efficient to account for overhead savings. Reviewing specific brands, like Atosa and Imbera, can help you narrow down your search, and then you can begin to look at product details.

The Energy Star Label

When looking at smart refrigeration or swing-door refrigerators, consider the Energy Star label. You can find and compare similar models on the Energy Star website to determine which offers the best energy savings while serving your commercial refrigeration needs.

The Insulation

The protective layer of a refrigerator is one of the most important materials there is. This substance keeps the cool air in, and knowing the type of insulation can help you determine the quality of the refrigerator you are getting. In general, polyurethane rigid foam is the most widely used and accepted insulation material.

Automatic Defrosting

If your professional kitchen is prone to ice buildup in your commercial refrigeration unit, you know the difficulties that can come with scraping it out and the energy it can consume to have the refrigerator open for that long. Automatic defrosting is a great feature to remove ice buildup and improves energy efficiency.


Knowing how much space you require within your commercial refrigerator is one of the largest deciding factors on what appliance you buy. The interior should be able to store all the food you need easily, with plenty of shelves for organization and compartments for various types of food.


The exterior measurements are perhaps just as important as the interior space of your commercial refrigeration unit. Your professional kitchen may be larger or exist in smaller quarters, so ensure you measure accurately to determine what will fit within the confines of your layout.

Where to Buy High-Quality Commercial Refrigeration Products

At Zanduco, we carry several recognizable and Energy Star-rated commercial refrigeration brands. Our customers come to us for solutions, and we are happy to work to understand their needs and find appliances that make sense for their professional kitchen to run at its best. For more information on the refrigerators we carry, contact us.

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