The Benefits of a Durable and Long-Lasting Stainless Steel Worktable

The Importance of a Durable and Long-Lasting Work Surface in a Restaurant Kitchen
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Amongst the appliances that are vital for a restaurant kitchen to run smoothly, worktables are a piece of equipment that ensure these spaces function efficiently. Professional kitchen worktables provide a solid surface to prep, move items, plan, and complete other necessary tasks. Without a worktable, you would be hard-pressed to accomplish much of your business’s daily tasks.

A stainless steel worktable is a staple in nearly all restaurant kitchens. This table provides a durable surface and structure. It has numerous other qualities that help ensure your food service business runs smoothly, and we’ll get into these benefits in this post.

The Importance of a Durable and Long-Lasting Work Surface in a Restaurant Kitchen

At any given time, numerous things may happen in your restaurant kitchen. Perhaps someone is cutting vegetables, another is boiling a sauce that will need to be chilled, and something baking that will need to be covered. Each of these tasks will require a professional kitchen worktable at some point before they are complete.

Durability and Resistance to Wear and Tear

Since worktables see so much action, they must be able to last through anything that is thrown at them. Durability is a significant factor that influences what kind of table (such as a stainless steel worktable) you buy and demonstrates the table's ability to withstand different temperatures or prepping activities. Wear and tear will eventually happen to every kitchen surface, but your professional kitchen worktables should withstand this for as long as possible.

Versatility in a Busy Restaurant Kitchen

Within your commercial or restaurant kitchen, staff may perform many tasks at a stainless steel worktable. These tables must be capable of meeting various requirements, like needing to be heat resistant while serving their intended purpose. You should not have a singular professional kitchen worktable for one duty but rather a few that can handle multiple tasks.

Maximizing Space and Organization with a Stainless Steel Worktable

Proper spacing and organization are crucial to the success of service in any kitchen. It is important to choose a professional kitchen worktable that fits within the working space of your restaurant kitchen without cramping it. A wide selection to evaluate various widths and depths would help determine the right worktable addition to your food service business. Additionally, a commercial worktable should serve multiple purposes by having options for storage to maximize its potential in a restaurant kitchen.

The Right Worktable

Our Zanduco brand professional kitchen worktables are high-quality and designed to work for your restaurant kitchen’s needs. Each worktable is NSF certified, meaning they comply with strict standards and are made in accordance with certain procedures that ensure public health protection.

Our stainless steel worktables come in various sizes to ensure functionality within your food service business, no matter the extent of your operations. You can choose from items with a backsplash or without, depending on the layout of your restaurant kitchen. You can also choose from maple-top worktables to better suit the needs of your business. Every worktable comes standard with an undershelf to help you organize kitchen duties and tasks as required.

Zanduco Worktable: 24" x 84" with Five-Inch Backsplash

If you are looking for a durable and long-lasting worktable, our 24” x 84” option is a popular choice. It features a five-inch backsplash to protect your floors from prep work activities and lines up perfectly along your kitchen walls. It’s easy to clean and features an under-shelf which can be used for various storage needs.

Zanduco Stainless Steel Worktable: 30" x 18" with Undershelf and Galvanized Legs

Do you need a heavy-duty stainless steel worktable to meet your unique food service needs? Zanduco’s 30" x 18" stainless steel worktable can handle up to 330 pounds of storage capacity, including along the convenient undershelf. The galvanized legs are finished with plastic bullet feet, which are designed to keep your worktable in place and avoid scratching the floor in the process.

John Boos Maple Top Worktable: 72" x 30" x 1-1/2" with a Galvanized Base and Shelf

Looking for the strength of a metal worktable with the beauty and durability of a wood top? Maple is a hardwood, and the John Boos 72" x 30" x 1-1/2" maple-top worktable has been treated with a penetrating oil finish to ensure spills and food prep are easily wiped up. The undershelf is galvanized for maximum strength and storage options, plus it’s adjustable to any height you desire.

The Potential for Customization and Additional Features

A professional kitchen worktable is a blank slate that should be able to be customized for your restaurant kitchen’s specific needs. For example, Zanduco’s heavy-duty worktables work best for more intensive food service work, such as butcheries. These worktables have a higher load capacity which can handle larger and heavier equipment compared to our standard tables. You can compare products directly on our website for a better overview and understanding of what professional kitchen worktable your business needs.

Whether you work in a specific food service industry or are just starting out arranging your restaurant kitchen, our team is here to help. We carry products that provide solutions for numerous commercial kitchens and are happy to discuss your specific needs to determine what equipment and appliances would work best for you. Are you ready to transform your business with the right kitchen products? Contact us.

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