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How to Select the Right Commercial Food Processor | Zanduco

Commercial food processors make the jobs of kitchen teams across Canada simpler. Functions such as chopping, slicing, and dicing can now be completed easily through the use of processor systems, allowing kitchen teams to achieve a higher level of efficiency. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has many decades of experience supplying commercial food processor equipment to clients across Canada. We know the brands and the technology intimately and can help you make the right choice for your business. That’s why we’re now offering our guide to selecting the right commercial food processor for your kitchen team.

A Guide to the Models Available

Before we discuss the process for choosing the right commercial food processor, let’s look at some of the options available. 

  • The Pacojet PJ2

The Pacojet PJ2 product enables chefs to micro puree deep-frozen foods and creates delicious ultra-light mousses, sorbets, and ice-creams. The frozen foods don’t have to be thawed before being processed, helping kitchen teams save time within their preparation work. A key benefit of the Pacojet PJ1 is that it allows kitchen staff to create intense flavours within individual, ready-to-serve portions, making the plating process simpler and more time-efficient.

  • Robot Coupe R2N

The Robot Coupe R2N provides a near limitless number of preparation options. The key to the product’s success in the marketplace is its S-blade, which allows chefs and their staff to quickly mix and emulsify ingredients to add to their meals. The product is also designed with a continuous feed head, which allows teams to quickly process bulk quantities of an ingredient in a specific style.

  • Berkel Model C32

The Berkel Model C32 is another strong option on the market for those seeking a quality, reliable commercial food processor. The product allows kitchens to slice, dice, shred, grate, or julienne large quantities of food in a consolidated timeframe. Featuring a 1.5HP 2-speed motor, the Berkel C32 can help create quality meals quickly while increasing the efficiency of the commercial kitchen space. The 2-speed performance of the motor also makes it simpler for kitchen teams to customize their meals according to patron requirements.

Blending the ingredients and creating the right texture for the soup can now be completed with the highest level of precision.

  • Frozen Desserts

Restaurant teams can also now blend large amounts of fruit and ice to make delicious desserts for their patrons. For distinctive flavours, restaurants are now using now using exotic fruits to tempt their guests.

  • Shredded Cheese

Manually shredding cheese can be one of the more tedious tasks kitchen crews have to perform each day. No longer do they have to stand over the shredder making sure to make perfect slices. Now they can depend on their commercial food processor to complete the task for them. Shredded cheese can be added to numerous meals for that defining addition, including salads and pastas.

Considerations for Buying a Commercial Food Processor

You now know a little more about commercial food processors and their value, but there are several considerations to make when comparing the various systems. Our team has helped many clients find the ideal commercial food processor for their company.
Let’s review a few of the considerations it’s important to make when choosing your product:

  • The Motor

The leading food processors are rated in terms of the horsepower, or “HP”, of their motor. The higher the horsepower, the longer a processor will run if you’re using it for tougher jobs. For example, if you’re using the processor to grind meat regularly and cut raw vegetables, you might choose a high-horsepower model to improve productivity.

  • The Capacity

The capacity of potential units should be carefully considered when analyzing the latest food processors. Depending on the size of the bowl, your team might be emptying the system too often. A larger bowl is the preferred choice for kitchen teams with significant demands.

  • The Feeding Tube Size

The feeding tube size should be large enough to allow you to process larger items that might get stuck in smaller systems. For example, if you’re trying to cut up a head of broccoli or lettuce, the feeder tube needs to be large enough to allow the item inside for processing. Consider the items your team will be preparing and decide based on the needs of your kitchen crew.

  • The Warranty

When evaluating the leading commercial food processors, be sure you speak with your supplier about the warranties offered. The unit should come with a comprehensive warranty that protects your investment in case of manufacturing defects. This can be important if the system breaks down and requires replacement within a short timeframe. Ensure that you review the warranty in detail before finalizing the purchase and ask questions if you don’t understand some of the details provided.

  • OMCAN Model FP-CN-0185

This heavy-duty vegetable cutter from OMCAN has been designed for kitchen teams of all levels of experience. The equipment is engineered to cut all vegetables with streamlined precision and minimize the processing work required for creating everything from delicious vegetarian meals to restaurant-quality standards.

Is a Commercial Food Processor Right for My Business?

Commercial food processors are highly-flexible and can be used in most environments where the creation of a one-of-a-kind dish is the priority. Let’s explore some of the businesses that can benefit from adding a commercial food processor to their inventory:

  • Bakeries

Within the bakery, a team might use their commercial food processor to mix ingredients and create delicious pastries and cakes. With less of a time-crunch compared with restaurant applications, processors used in bakeries tend to be designed for precision rather than simply efficiency.

  • Restaurants

There’s simply no time to waste in a commercial kitchen environment and teams must use a food processor to maximize their use of time and resources. Whether it’s blending ingredients to create delicious soups or using the processor to craft mousses and side-dishes, the growing restaurant depends upon their food processor to limit patron wait times.

  • Food Manufacturers

Food manufacturers require quality commercial food processors to create unique and interesting dishes that will keep customers coming back. Whether they’re manufacturing products for the retail space or restaurants, manufacturers can use food processors to blend ingredients according to the discerning tastes of patrons.

What Kind of Foods Can be Created with a Food Processor?

By understanding the applications behind the latest food processors, your team can ensure it gets the most out of your investment when purchasing a new system. There are many ways to create delicious meals using your food processor.
Let’s look at some of the popular foods currently created with them:

  •  Sliced Vegetables

Perhaps one of the most common uses for a food processor is to slice vegetables. When kitchen teams simply don’t have the time or the manpower to chop vegetables such as carrots and mushrooms with a knife, the food processor will complete the job in a fraction of the time.

  • Pureed Soups

Soups are becoming one of the more popular options at local restaurants across the country. The ability to blend ingredients to create a unique item can be easily achieved with the right food processor.

Turn to Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies 

When researching restaurant supplies across Canada, it’s important that you choose the services and products of a company known for its experience and the quality of its commercial food processors. Kitchens turn to our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies because we understand the demands of your kitchen and business. We know the pressures kitchen crews face in having to deliver quality food products within a short timeframe. We can provide you with the highest-quality, brand name processors.

Our team can also help you consolidate the cost of your purchase and reduce the time it takes to pinpoint the right product. It’s a service that has helped teams across the country choose their ideal system. To learn more about Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies and our product options, please contact now and speak with a trusted expert.

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