Get Great Results from Your Commercial Rice Cooker Every Time

Commercial Rice Cooker
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Get Great Results from Your Commercial Rice Cooker Every Time

If your restaurant serves rice dishes, having a quality commercial rice cooker is an absolute necessity. Cooking rice manually on the stovetop is far too time-consuming, not to mention taking up a burner. Commercial rice cookers can handle the process almost automatically, freeing up your staff to focus on preparing the rest of the meal while the rice handles itself.

However, even the best rice cooker cannot completely automate the process. Your kitchen staff still needs to properly prepare the rice, and choose the right amount of water to add, or else your rice won't cook correctly. Here are a few important tips to ensure you get fluffy and perfect rice from your rice cooker every time.

How To Get Best Results From A Commercial Rice Cooker

1 - Picking the right rice for the right job

Rice is typically classified by its "grain," or how long the rice is. Different grain lengths are right for different types of dishes. For example:

• Short grain rice, such as sushi rice, has extremely small grains and tends to be sticky, making them great for dishes where you want the rice to clump together. Like sushi.
• Medium grain rice, such as risotto or arborio, are roughly twice as long as they are wide. This type of rice is typically tender and a little toothsome and can be good in rice soups.
• Long grain rice such as jasmine is typically around 4x as long as it is wide and has a lighter texture. These are perfect for dishes served on beds of rice.

2 - Rinsing the rice

Before cooking any rice, it's important to rinse it at least once. This removes starch and other impurities. You simply put the rice in a bowl, fill it with water, stir the rice around, then drain the water out.

The number of times you do this depends on your application. The more washes it receives, the less starchy it is - which also reduces its stickiness. So, consider texture when deciding how many rinses to do.

3 - Rice-to-water ratios

You need to put the right amount of water into the rice cooker to properly cook the rice. In general, it should be a 1:1 ratio for most types of white rice. I.e., one cup of water for one cup of rice. If you're cooking brown rice, this should be more like 1.5 cups of water, and wild rice can require up to two cups of water.

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