Cubed vs. Crushed: What Type of Ice is the Best?

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Cubed vs. Crushed: What Type of Ice is the Best?

When trying to determine what type of ice to serve in your alcoholic drinks or other beverages, choosing the right ice maker might be tougher than you think. This is because there are different types of machines out there that create different types of ice. Some types of ice are perfect for bartending and mixing drinks while others work great in that glass of water or sweet tea.


At Zanduco Restaurant & Supplies, we’ve helped many clients choose the right type of ice and ice maker for their needs, so let’s look a little closer at the details!


What Type of Ice Cubes are There?

Surprisingly, there are quite a few different types of ice cubes that work well in different types of drinks, they are:


  • Top Hat Ice: This type of ice is an old favorite, boasting a top hat design that’s also hollow and wide. This is often served in more high-scale restaurants to provide and add a bit of flair and clarity.


  • Crescent Ice: Also referred to as half-moon ice, which is often found in most hotel ice dispensers or your home’s freezer ice maker. They’re quite large so they’re not ideal for blended drinks.


  • Full Cubes: This is the classic type of ice you’ll find in most places because they’re slow to melt, relatively compact, and are great for chilling those mixed drinks quickly and keeping other food items cold.


  • Half Cubes: These are basically full cubes cut in half, like a pat of butter. Often, these are served in drink dispensers because they fill glasses more quickly and blend easily with drinks as they melt.


  • Bullet Ice: Like top hat ice, bullet ice makes a great choice for serving more gourmet drink styles, as they melt evenly and quickly while still chilling mixed drinks well.


  • Flake or Shaved Ice: This ice type of ice is commonly used to provide a snowy look as well as a great texture, often used for displaying things like oysters on the half-shell or shrimp cocktails, as well as a variety of drinks.


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