Black Friday at Restaurants Can Be Your Opportunity to Stand Out

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People normally associate Black Friday with retail stores - but you shouldn't overlook the possibilities it brings to your restaurant! There are going to be a lot of hungry shoppers out there, which makes Black Friday at restaurants a great option for increasing your visibility. If you're offering good deals, you could bring in a lot of new business, and maybe even make some new regulars.

There are plenty of options for promotions, but here are a few we particularly recommend.


Four Ways To Effectively Leverage Black Friday At Restaurants


1 - Late night/early bird deals

For many people, camping out in expectation of Black Friday deals is just part of the fun. Many shops also embrace this by opening early on Black Friday, partly as a stunt, and partly to help reduce the crowd crush in the day.

Either way, these folks are going to be hungry, and they probably won't have a lot of options for getting food at 4 AM in a Best Buy parking lot. If your staff are OK working overtime, or you offer delivery, this could be an incredible opportunity to serve a captive market.

2 - Multi-meal discounts

Most Black Friday shoppers make it a family outing or at least see groups of friends working together to try to get the best deals. So, make your restaurant enticing for large groups. By offering discounts on buying multiple meals at once, you'll attract them to your store - and also hopefully encourage them to leave nice tips.

3 - Cheap booze

Few things are better for getting people into a restaurant than offering discount alcohol. Whether it's discount drought beer or sales on your best house martinis, you can encourage people to loosen up a bit before or after their big shopping sprees.

Look at what shops are nearby, and the type of customers they're likely to attract, then tailor your discounted drinks to match the expected crowd.

4 - Partner with shops

Synergy works! Take a little time to call around to nearby shops and see if you could work out some sort of cross-promotional deal. For example, you could each offer coupons for the other as part of a purchase, or discounts for showing a receipt from the other. Since your products are complementary, rather than competing, a partnership could be a pure win-win.

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