An In-Depth Guide to the Robot Coupe Food Processor

An In-Depth Guide to the Robot Coupe Food Processor

Since its inception, Robot Coupe has become a leader in the foodservice industry, creating some of the most unique and innovative restaurant equipment available today. They’re known for their combination of food processors and vegetable slicers, which come in all different shapes and sizes.

Here Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has collected some in-depth information about Robot Coupe Food Processors, their benefits, and how to use them, so read on!

The Benefits of the Robot Coupe Food Processor

Before getting into some of the details of particular makes and models, we first wanted to discuss some of the benefits of the Robot Coupe Food Processor. One of the foremost advantages is the versatility they offer. Not only do they have the ability to process large amounts of food without overheating or having their engines burn out, but you can create such a vast variety of items. For example, bakeries and cafes can use them to make their own ingredients for pastries, such as bread crumbs, whip cream, cheese, chocolate, cream cheese, and other things.

Robot Coupe Food Processors are so efficient that no matter what size your restaurant is or the volume of patrons you have, you’re bound to save money on labor and food prep costs. You can also create imaginative new dishes and find ways to spruce up your menu offerings. This means that you’ll also receive a quick return on your investment.

Now, let’s take a closer look at our most popular models:

Robot Coupe R2N Ultra Combination Continuous Feed Food Processor with 3 Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl - 1 hp: With a patented blade designed to process both small and large quantities that operates at 1725 RPM, the Robot Coupe R2N also offers pulse control for maximum processing ability. For those who need to use their food processor for multiple purposes, the R2N also comes with all of the steel discs you need including accessories for slicing, julienning, ripple cutting, and grating. Its clear bowl enables you to see what you’re processing to ensure precision.

Robot Coupe Combination Processor, Bowl Cutter/Veg Prep R101: With the combination processor from Robot Coupe, you can add dry and liquid ingredients while it’s running and mix, chop, and puree practically anything. Although a slightly smaller model, it still comes equipped with all of the necessary steel plate accessories to slice, grate, julienne, and more. 

Robot Coupe R2 Dice Ultra Combination Continuous Feed Food Processor / Dicer with 3 Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl - 2 hp: For more high-volume restaurants and food preparation, the R2 Dice Ultra Combination Continuous Feed Food Processor offers durability and functionality. Built with a 2hp motor and a stainless-steel motor shaft, it’s strong and can handle large amounts of food, and boasts a direct-drive induction motor for intensive use. In addition to its fruit and vegetable cutting options, it also includes a cuisine kit/sauce attachment. 

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Whether you own a high-volume catering company or a small restaurant, a Robot Coupe Food Processor can save you time and money. For more ordering information contact us online or call 1 (855) 926-3826.

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