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What You Need to Know About Vacuum Packaging Machines

Adding new equipment to your restaurant can improve your kitchen and enhance your restaurant’s reputation and dining experience. New tools can also enable your team to work more efficiently. Vacuum packaging machines are an example of one way to improve efficiency in the kitchen. Let’s delve into the topic as we explain exactly why your restaurant needs to add vacuum packing systems to its appliance arsenal.

How Vacuum Packaging Machines Work

Vacuum packaging machines seal food products in an air-tight package. The air from around the product is removed and the levels of oxygen within the packaging are reduced. This prevents microbial growth and protects products from being spoiled due to bacteria and oxidation. 

The Benefits Of Vacuum Packaging

With the uptick in creativity in the culinary industry, professional and home chefs alike are now adding to their equipment selection to simplify and enhance their meal preparation. The innovation in vacuum packaging machines is an example of the changes taking place. Vacuum packaging machines bring the following benefits to a kitchen:

Increased food shelf life

You’ll save thousands of dollars by preventing food waste when you use vacuum packaging machines.

Sealing in the flavour

Vacuum packaging helps during the wet-aging process, which can be used to seal the moisture in within meat products. 

Limited use of preservative 

Vacuum sealing food mixes oxygen with inert gases to allow the product to last longer before consumption, without the need for chemicals.

 Multiple packaging options

Vacuum packaging machines come with multiple packaging options, including zippers, easy-open notches, and foil-lined packages.
Let Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Outfit Your Kitchen with Vacuum Packaging!

Recognized for the brand name products in our comprehensive selection, Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is now offering the market’s best vacuum packaging machines at affordable prices.
One of our most popular models is the 1.2 HP Countertop Economy Vacuum Packaging Machine from OMCAN. This system allows you to set the sealing temperature, sealing time, and drawing air time – all through one easy-to-use digital panel. The machine automatically starts once the lid is closed, for simple and efficient sealing of any food product.

Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has succeeded based on our customer service and extensive understanding of the latest commercial restaurant equipment. You can call our team any time to discuss options for your restaurant and commercial kitchen. To discover more about us, and the great range of vacuum packaging machines available, contact us today!