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How to Make the Perfect Winter Pot Roast

With winter here, you might think about adding some hot soups or extra hearty meals to your menu. A pot roast is a very popular choice this time of year and can be perfectly cooked using a stock pot stove or slow cooker.

Here is a great pot roast recipe you can add to your menu just in time for winter and the cooler weather.

Winter Pot Roast

Now, there is no set way to prepare this Winter Pot Roast. For example, you can choose and/or use a variety of carrots in this recipe. If you like baby red potatoes or russet potatoes the choice is yours; just like how you prepare them. Some prefer little pieces, while others may choose bigger chunks you can get into. You'll need carrots, so be sure to have them on hand.

This Winter Pot Roast will also require you to have ranch dressing and gravy ready. Now, you can get these from a pack, or create your own (unfortunately we don't have the time to get into how to create your own ranch dressing and gravy).

Time & Serving: This pot roast will take approximately 4 hours on high heat and 8 hours if you are cooking on low heat.

Serves: Anywhere from 6 -8 people (depending on how hungry they are)


-          3 lbs. of boneless chuck roast (be sure it is boneless)

-          1 chopped and diced yellow onion

-          1 lb. of carrots

-          A stick of butter

-          1 oz. of au jus gravy mix

-          4 potatoes

-          1 oz. ranch dressing

What to do:

  1. Once you have browned beef in a frying pan, place it in a slow cooker (or stock pot). You may then add your onions, carrots, butter, gravy, and ranch dressing – try to spread them out evenly.
  2. On low heat, let ingredients cook for 8 hours (high would be 4 hours). You will know it is done if the meat is easy to tear and tender.
  3. Serve to your customers

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