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Different Types of Commercial Bakery Mixers & Their Attachments

Different Types of Commercial Bakery Mixers & Their Attachments 

When it comes to running a commercial bakery, it doesn’t matter if you have a high-volume storefront or simply want to bake fresh bread for patrons, commercial bakery mixers can certainly come in handy. However, if you haven’t yet invested in one and are still mixing dough by hand, you may be wondering what type of bakery mixer is right for you. That’s why the team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has a few tips for you here.

What Exactly are Commercial Bakery Mixers?

Commercial bakery mixers come in all different shapes and sizes, each with their own set of benefits. Depending on your commercial enterprise, one might work better for you than another. Some of the most popular types of commercial bakery mixers include: 

  • Floor Mixing MachinesDesigned to take up minimal space in the kitchen, floor model machines are heavy-duty dough mixers that can easily be installed in a corner out of the way of your other kitchen appliances. Floor mixers are often designed to mix larger amounts, often 20 quarts or more.

  • Countertop ModelsFor smaller batches of dough, countertop models are ideal. They can be easily installed on the countertop and take up minimal space and can be comfortably stored away when not in use. This type of mixer is perfect for mixing batches of dough and other things around 10 quarts or less. 

  • Heavy-Duty Mixers: In addition to the mixers mentioned above, there are also heavy-duty mixers that are designed to mix extremely large amounts of dough and other materials. These heavy-duty mixers can handle long operating hours and tough applications that other mixers simply can’t and often come equipped with a timer for optimal results.

What are the Different Types of Attachment to Mixers?

Commercial bakery mixers aren’t only made for mixing dough. There are a great number of different accessories and attachments designed for mixers that enable you to perform a host of different tasks. With the right attachment, you can shred, stir, cut, whisk, and more. 

Some of the most commonly-used commercial bakery mixer attachments include: 

  • ShreddersPerfect for shredding things like cheese and vegetables, these attachments consist of a metal compartment housing a shredder disc that can be easily adjusted to create the right finished product for your needs. Additional discs can also be used to create different results. 

  • Slicing Discs: Most often used for slicing vegetables, these slicer attachments come equipped with knives that cut food into smaller pieces. With slicer tools, you can easily cut veggies like potatoes, cabbage, fruits, and other things to create dishes like salads or coleslaw. In some cases, you can also find dual shredder/slicer attachments. 

  • Flat BeaterWith a wide, flat surface, this attachment is ideal for mixing brownie and cake batters, as well as cookie dough, mashed potatoes, and icing. 

  • Dough HookFor those frequently making their own pizza or pasta dough, investing in a dough hook will make it much easier to knead and fold pizza, bread, and pasta dough.  

  • Wire WhipConsisting of wire strands arranged in an oval shape, wire whips are designed for mixing and whipping lighter items, like whipped cream, custard, and puddings. They’re perfect for creating the light textures and toppings often found in pies and merengues. 

  • Bowl ScraperInvesting in a bowl scraper can help you reduce material waste and minimize clean up after using your mixer. It scrapes the sides of the mixing bowl while your commercial bakery mixers are in operation.

  • Pastry Knife: Designed to cut thick doughs, pastry knife attachments can combine heavier and thicker ingredients and easily cut pizza and pie doughs. 

  • Meat Choppers & Grinders: In addition to mixing dough, commercial bakery mixers also make it easy to chop and grind different meats. By outfitting your commercial mixers with a chopper/grinder attachment, you can create one of a kind dishes. These attachments come with a feed pan and stomper to easily direct the meat to be ground/chopped. 

In addition to the attachments mentioned above, there are a few other accessories that may come in handy depending on your needs. These include bowl guards, which are designed to increase the safety of your mixer while in operation. Bowl guards are plastic or wire housing mechanisms placed on top of the mixing bowls to prevent items from entering them while your mixer is in operation. 

Often, commercial bakery mixers will also come equipped with bowl lifts to help make mixing easier. Depending on the mixer you choose, these solutions with either be manual or electric.

Which Model is Best Suited for Your Facility?

Choosing the perfect commercial bakery mixer for your needs is often easier said than done. There is a range of different mixer sizes, shapes, and styles, so how do you select the right one for you? Well, there are some important considerations you can make to help make the choice easier. When selecting your commercial bakery mixer, there are different types of commercial mixers to choose from, including:

  • Vertical Cutter Mixers: Featuring a large, covered mixing bowl, vertical cutting mixers are most often used for fast, bulk products and feature a high horsepower motor and durable interior agitator. 

  • Planetary MixersLikely one of the most versatile types of mixers, these mixers employ an agitator that mixes while the bowl remains stationary. Interchangeable attachments allow users to mix nearly anything. 

  • Dough MixersAs the name says, these mixers are designed for mixing dough. They have a spiral-shaped agitator and the mixing bowl moves around it. This makes them ideal for mixing large amounts of dough at the same time. 

Commercial Mixer Features

Commercial bakery mixers come equipped with a variety of different features, like belt-driven or gear-driven systems, as well as a number of different mixing speeds to ensure the very best results. Some mixers even allow users to change speeds while in operation, boosting productivity. Horsepower is also another important component of high-quality commercial mixers. The larger the mixer is the higher the horsepower, and higher horsepower means more heavy-duty applications. 

Popular Dough Mixers on the Market

At Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, we stock a number of different types of commercial bakery mixers, including: 

Globe SP08 8-Quart Planetary Countertop Power Mixer (#45000-102)

This countertop power mixer is designed with high-quality hardened steel gears and shafts that can handle a variety of ingredients. It comes equipped with an 8-quart, stainless-steel bowl, wire whip, spiral dough hook, and flat beater. It can easily meet the needs of any small-to-medium-sized restaurant or bakery. 

Omcan 20-quart, Heavy-Duty Mixer with Guard & Timer ETL (#12000-111)

Equipped with an industry-standard wire whip, paddle, hook, stainless-steel bowl, and safety guard, this heavy-duty mixer is durable and efficient. For commercial businesses with high preparation demands, this mixer is perfect and can perform 316-389 rounds per minute. It’s also equipped with a timer for added precision. 

Globe SP80PL 80-Quart Planetary Floor Mixer (#45000-107)

You can take care of all of your food preparation and baking needs with this heavy-duty floor mixer. Equipped with a two-year parts and labor warranty, the Globe SP80PL employs a 3 HP motor that has three different fixed speeds, ranging from 60-310 rotations-per-minute. It also comes with an interlocking bowl guard with a built-in ingredient chute and a range of optional attachments, like meat grinders, vegetable shredders, bowl scrapers, and more.

Omcan Heavy-Duty Spiral Dough Mixer, with 220-Pound Capacity

This three-phase, two-speed spiral dough mixer is designed to handle extremely heavy-duty loads and reduce mixing time. It’s perfect for restaurants, bakeries, cafes, grocery stores, and any other commercial establishments mixing a large amount of dough on a daily basis. Its steel-grated lid makes it easy to add ingredients like flour while the machine is in operation, saving time and effort. It also boasts an auto-shutoff switch when the lid is lifted for maximum safety.

Mixer Accessories

For those in need of accessories and attachments for their mixers, Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies carries a range of different solutions, such as flat beaters, dough hooks, wire whips, beater attachments, slicer plates, meat grinder heads, meat grinder stompers, and many more.

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