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Benefits of Making Your Own Sausage In-House

It doesn’t matter whether you run a diner or a catering company, your patrons will appreciate homemade sausage. One of the benefits of making your own sausage in-house with a manual or automatic sausage stuffer is that it gives you complete control over the ingredients. You can experiment with new flavors and ensure that quality control is outstanding. At Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, we’ve equipped many different restaurants with the right tools to make their own sausage.

Here, you’ll learn a bit more about why using a sausage stuffer is a great idea for your business!



Different Types of Sausage Stuffers

When it comes to sausage stuffers, there are several different types available depending on your needs. The most common types of sausage stuffers include:

  • Manual Sausage Stuffers: Manual sausage stuffers are a great tool for restaurants or kitchens that are on the smaller side, meaning they’re perfect for establishments like butcher shops, cafes, and delis. Manual stuffers come in a variety of different sizes and types, both horizontal and vertical.
  • Automatic Sausage Stuffers: For those running a more high-volume business, or making exclusively sausages, a manual sausage stuffer likely won’t be enough, which is why there is a range of automatic and hydraulic sausage stuffers out there to make your job easier. These stuffers come equipped with a hydraulic piston to make sausage stuffing more efficient. Suitable for both dense and cold mixtures, they range from 15-52L, making finding the right size a breeze.  

How to Determine Which Stuffer is Best Suited for Your Establishment

When it comes to deciding what type of sausage maker is right for your business, consider how many sausages you’ll need to make, as well as the space you have in your kitchen. Some might find that to deal with a high volume an automatic/hydraulic sausage stuffer will be best. Those with minimal kitchen space might prefer vertical sausage makers because they take up less counter space.

 A Few Sausage Making Tips Before You Go...

1. Grind your meat using a meat grinder.

2. Add sausage seasoning and water using a meat mixer.

3. Feed meat through a sausage stuffer into your casings.

4. Close your sausage casings with hog rings or twine.

5. For smoked sausage, smoke them in your over or meat smoker. Make sure the temperature is at least 165°F (73°C).

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