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A Guide to Induction Cooking from Zanduco Canada

 As a restaurant operator, it’s critical for you to integrate technology that gives your team the advantage. The restaurant business can be extremely competitive and adding systems such as induction cooking equipment is giving smaller businesses a boost against their larger counterparts. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has a comprehensive background in the restaurant equipment field and in this new post, we’re providing our comprehensive guide to induction cooking.

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

Induction cooking involves the use of electric currents to heat pots and pans through magnetic induction rather than thermal conduction, which involves the use of a gas or electric element in transferring heat from the burner to the vessel. The induction technique uses a copper wire coiled beneath the cooking surface to produce the heat. Only the element in use will become hot because induction cooking does not involve a traditional outside heat source.

With convection cooking and other traditional cooking methods, the heated pots and pans then heat the food inside through the processes of conduction and convection. But induction cooking heats the vessel almost instantly, helping restaurant teams enhance their productivity and reduce the waiting time when preparing food.

What Are The Advantages To Induction Cooking?

When evaluating any new technology for your restaurant, it’s critical that you take into consideration the long-term benefits the equipment can bring to your team. Induction cooking offers many significant benefits for your restaurant, including: 

  • Boiling water faster

One of the leading benefits of induction cooking is that you can use the process to boil water faster. Ovens designed with induction technology boil water 50% quicker than convection ovens. 

  • Achieve precise temperature control

Another benefit of induction cooking is that technology gives your team greater control over the cooking process. Induction cooking allows for greater temperature precision with little variance between specified heat levels. This means that kitchen teams can consistently achieve the level of food quality required by your patrons. It also means the texture of the food is controlled more effectively. 

  • Reduced cleaning

Cleaning a restaurant’s kitchen is not only important for staying organized, but it also helps you remain in compliance of health and safety regulations. Induction cookers are far easier to clean than other appliances. Immediately after you finish cooking, the cooking surface begins cooling and in a few seconds, is easily wiped clean. There’s no longer the need to wait 30 minutes to remove grease, food items, and other products from your ovens.
  • Adjusts to cookware size 

Kitchen teams often face the challenge of placing their cookware on burners that are one standard size, while the cookware is larger or smaller than the burner surface. This means that one part of the cookware is not being heated. Induction cooking is unique in this regard, as the cooking surface can be adjusted to the size of the cookware. This means that cooked products are heated evenly for a higher quality result within the restaurant.

Elements to Consider When Choosing Induction Cooking Systems

Now that you have a greater understanding of the broad array of advantages induction cooking can bring to your business, it’s important you review the elements to consider when selecting one. Below are several of the items to take into consideration when choosing induction cooking equipment.

  • There is induction-specific cookware

Induction systems often require specific cookware designed to be compatible with the heating process. You will need to search for pots and pans that are induction-compatible to take full advantage of the use of induction ovens. To test whether current cookware will work with an induction oven, place a magnet on the bottom of the pan: if it sticks to the pan, the equipment should be compatible with an induction oven.

  • Some induction ovens are noisy

Some users have noticed that induction ovens tend to be noisier than convection ovens. This can be a difficulty in smaller restaurants where the kitchen is in close proximity to eating areas. One way to mitigate the amount of noise produced by the oven is to use heavier pots and pans. This helps reduce the vibrations that are a leading source of buzzing sounds from your equipment.

  • Compare freestanding ranges and cooktops 

When shopping for your induction cooking system, you’ll find numerous options available. Among the most common formats are freestanding ranges and cooktops. As the name suggests, freestanding ranges are designed to stand alone within your kitchen space. Induction countertops are designed to be installed directly on your countertop, offering the same features as a range but with simpler installation.

  • Consult your restaurant equipment supplier 

The integration requirements and the technical specifications of induction cooking systems can be complicated for those with limited experience with the technology. So, it’s recommended that you speak with a restaurant equipment expert before purchasing one. The equipment expert can help you choose the right model for your restaurant.

The Options Available Through Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies 

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has spent years equipping our clients with the highest-quality induction products available. Our complete selection of induction cookers now includes the latest products from manufacturers Omcan and Vollrath. Within this selection, we offer the following models:

Vollrath Mirage® Pro Induction

The Vollrath Mirage® Pro Induction range is designed with a G4 engine, which helps drive energy efficiency and makes it more user-friendly. Teams can now achieve 90% energy efficiency with the engine, limiting their restaurant costs and giving their teams access to the best in high-performance cooking technology.

Another clear benefit of the Vollrath Mirage® Pro Induction range equipment is that it features temperature memory, enabling users to pre-set specific temperatures based on past use. This ensures consistency and cooking precision for each meal. The entire line of induction cookers from Vollrath is also designed to be portable and maintenance-free, helping improve productivity and minimizing costs over the long-term.

Omcan CE-CN-3500

The Model CE-CN-3500 from Omcan is another leading induction cooking option for restaurant owners. The product is designed with durable stainless steel to ensure that it withstands impacts within the kitchen space. It also features a dynamic LED display and control unit allowing users to quickly and intuitively utilize the unit when creating meals for patrons.

Many restaurant teams now use the CE-CN-3500 from Omcan because the product provides power optimization up to 3500w, ensuring robust performance to meet even the most challenging restaurant demands.

Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Carries The Latest In Induction Cooking Excellence

When you’re searching for the best-in-class induction cookers, it’s important to work with a supplier that understands induction equipment and also has connections with leading manufacturers in the industry. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies are leaders in this area, working tirelessly to ensure our clients’ questions are answered. We’ll make sure our team is available around the clock to help you make decisions regarding your restaurant equipment requirements.

One of the reasons so many clients now entrusts Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies for their products is that we back our sales process with a comprehensive warranty. Each of the products within our selection is equipped with a warranty that protects your investment. This is just one of the ways the team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies supports our clients and helps keep your restaurant running effectively over the long-term.

Call Now To Save On The Latest Induction Cookers

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