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Why Floor Mats Are Important to Your Restaurant

Floor Mats Are More Important to Your Restaurant Than You Might Realize

A successful restaurant needs to carefully plan every purchase they make and every feature they incorporate into their facilities - from the lights overhead, even down to the floor mats.  Floor mats might not seem like a top priority but they’re more important than a lot of restaurateurs realize.  A restaurant can function without mats, but operations will be improved in a lot of ways with them.  Plus, floor mats are quite inexpensive and will fit into any restaurant's budget.

In this article, we'll look briefly at the types of floor mats available, how they improve operations, and what care they require.

Understanding Your Options in Restaurant Floor Mats

I. Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

You will have much happier employees with anti-fatigue floor mats strategically placed in their work zones.  These mats are designed specifically to be a bit soft and bouncy, taking the pressure off workers' feet when they must stand in one place for extended periods.  These are perfect to put down behind the cash register(s), as well as in front of the kitchen stations.

These mats are designed with plenty of holes, so they can allow liquids to pass through without soaking it up.  This also means that cleaning is simple: just hit them with a sprayer.  Some even come with interlocking edges so that you can utilize them over larger spaces.

II. Wet Floor Mats

Another must-have in some of the messier areas of your kitchen are wet floor mats.  These are not springy like anti-fatigue mats.  They are much thinner, and they have a single purpose: ensuring your workers always have traction, even if the floor has become slippery.  

In a commercial kitchen, spills may happen and there's just no time or manpower to clean them up immediately. Having plenty of wet floor mats scattered around will greatly reduce the chance of harmful accidents. At the least, you should have some around any washing stations, as well as near your freezer.

Being designed to operate in wet or greasy conditions, these are also quite easy to maintain and usually just need a good rinse after work.

III. Scraper Mats

Scraper mats are used primarily on entryways, because their purpose is to grab and scrape loose debris, water, snow, dirt, etc., off people's feet as they walk in. Having some of these near your main entrance is an absolute must. It will keep your main dining areas cleaner and prevent guests from tracking water in which might create a slipping hazard.
Just remember to clean your scraper mats often. They're water-resistant, of course, but will need a bit of elbow grease to fully clean. Taking them out back and beating them is usually the best way to get all the loose debris out.

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