Which Coffee Brewing Methods Are Right for Your Restaurant?

Which Coffee Brewing Methods Are Right for Your Restaurant?

Coffee... For some it's an occasional pick-me-up, for others it's a lifestyle. Either way, if you are running a restaurant, cafe, bar, or practically any other food-serving establishment, you're going to want to have coffee on hand for your patrons.

This leads to a big question: what coffee makers and brewing methods should you use? After all, any bar service and tablewares vendor will have plenty of different coffee makers available. They all have their pros and cons, so let's take a quick look.

The Pros & Cons of the 3 Most Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

1 - Pour-over drip coffee makers

The pour-over coffee pot has been a staple for decades and is certainly the cheapest and easiest of the coffee-brewing methods. Dump a bunch of grounds into a filter at the top, pour in some water, and wait. A built-in heating pad even means you can keep a pot on for a while without having to consistently make new batches.

If you're running a regular cafe, bar, or restaurant, this may be all you need. It won't bring in the coffee connoisseurs, but it guarantees you can serve up a mug of Joe whenever asked.

2 - French press

The French press is highly popular because it allows an incredible degree of control over the coffee that's produced. You can fine-tune the amount of grounds and heat of the coffee in a way that isn't possible with automatic makers. Many coffee-drinkers swear on French presses as the best way to brew.

From a restaurateur's perspective, the big problem is time. Each cup made in a French press has to be done manually, without automation. That's great if you're promoting your "hand-crafted" coffee drinks, but not the best idea if you're slinging hash to the busy breakfast crowd.

3 - Espresso

Espresso machines take finely-ground coffee beans and force extremely hot water through them at high pressures, to create a small amount of very strong coffee. This can be served on its own or mixed into any number of other liquids - such as water, milk, or syrups - to create coffee drinks.

The big benefit to espresso is the sheer variety of drinks it allows you to make. On the other hand, the machines are expensive and can be a bit temperamental.

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