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What Types of Delivery Bags and Insulated Carriers Does Your Restaurant Need?

 I. Types of Delivery Bags

Insulated food delivery bags generally only come in two major types.  Dedicated pizza delivery bags, and more general-purpose food delivery bags.  A pizza delivery bag is long and flat, basically only useful for pizzas and similar flat baked goods.  They also come in a variety of sizes - matching typical pizza sizes - and having a few around is useful if you do a lot of pizza/calzone delivery.

Other insulated food delivery bags are larger and generally square or rectangular.  This makes them a bit more awkward to carry, but they can hold a range of other food items.  You also have plenty of options in terms of sizes, from roughly 10 inches per side, up to almost two feet.  This lets you pick the bag that best fits your dishes.

II.  Types of Insulated Carriers

The main difference between insulated bags and insulated carriers is size.  Insulated bags are still small enough to have a strap and be easily carrier by a single person.  Insulated carriers can have multiple square feet inside and hold 100+ pounds of food safely.  They often need dollies to be moved around, and probably should have two people per carrier to be safe.

You also have more options in terms of internal configuration, such as carriers with internal shelves to aid in stacking items.   Some are even ready to open up and become a serving tray with minimal prep, making them good for buffets and other catering situations.


Which type of insulated bag or carrier will just depend on your own business: how much delivery/catering business do you do, and how large are your food items?  Fortunately, there are plenty of options that ensure every restaurant can find the right carrier to fit their situation!

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