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Tips for Purchasing Restaurant Equipment

Purchasing restaurant equipment requires careful consideration for the growing restaurant operator. And so, it’s important to work with restaurant equipment teams that have many years’ experience in the industry, during the purchase process. In this post, our trusted team explains their tips for purchasing restaurant equipment.

Focus on efficiency

Energy efficiency should be a leading consideration when buying restaurant equipment. Make sure you take into consideration the cost of running the equipment for the long-term, particularly if the equipment is an oven or a refrigerator, as these systems can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year to operate.

Choose a warranty

One of the leading considerations is the total cost of the maintenance of the system. When you purchase a new system for your business, it’s important that you also invest in a warranty. The warranty should cover any mechanical problems that might arise during normal use of the product, and it should also cover the installation process so that your investment is safeguarded for the years to come.

Discuss additions

When buying new equipment, you should have one eye on the future of your restaurant. How will the new piece of equipment impact your business and what additions can you make to the equipment in the years ahead? Make sure you choose scalable systems that are designed to be built upon rather than replaced in time.

Involve the team 

Make sure that your team is involved in the purchase process, and that your kitchen staff has an input regarding the potential additions you make to the business. You should have a few meetings to discuss the kitchen team’s requirements and their considerations in bringing new equipment into the kitchen.

Consult with a sales specialist

Before making any decisions regarding company equipment, book a consultation with a local sales specialist so they can highlight the options for you. There are several quality systems available, and an equipment expert can help you decide between the various options.

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is here to help you make the right choice for your business. To learn more about your restaurant equipment options, call today.