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The Latest Countertop Food Warmers for Commercial Kitchens

The Latest Countertop Food Warmers for Commercial Kitchens

Working with quality countertop food warmers can help your restaurant deliver delicious hot meals to guests. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies works tirelessly to ensure we provide you with a full range of countertop food warmers from the leading brands. We’re also known as leaders within the industry for our knowledge of the newest products for the commercial kitchen equipment in America. To help you make the right choice for your business, here’s our overview of countertop food warmers.

The Types Of Food Warmers Available

To decide which type of food warmer your restaurant requires, it’s important to review the full range of options available. Your current options include the following:

  • Countertop display warmers

In environments where the food will be selected from a display by guests, countertop display warmers are specifically designed to ensure food both looks appealing and is kept and served at the ideal temperature.

  • Soup kettles

Built for soup kitchens and other food-service spaces in which food is served outdoors to large numbers of people, soup kettles keep liquid-based foods at piping hot temperatures. They can also be used in cafes and restaurants that serve homemade soups.

  • Single/dual chamber food warmers

Designed primarily for buffet restaurants, single/dual chamber food warmers are considered a great option when food must be kept at a warm temperature for a number of sittings. They are widely used across breakfast buffet restaurants, where they keep foods such as bacon and eggs at a safe temperature for guests.

Control And Capacity Options

When looking for food warmers, you’ll discover they are available with two distinct control styles. These two styles of control are:

  •  Infinite controls

Infinite control allows for precise control of the temperature of the food. It provides “infinite” options so you can choose the exact temperature for each item.

  • Thermostatic controls

Thermostatic controls are designed to cycle on and off based on the temperature of the heating elements. 

Choose the leading countertop food warmers with Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies

One of the leading models available is the 6 QT Soup Kettle with Metal Lid from Omcan. This system is designed to keep soups hot and ready to serve and includes an adjustable thermostat for precise temperature control. The exterior of the system has been built for leading-class levels of durability to deliver optimal performance over many years. To learn more about the countertop food warmers for your business, contact our team today!