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The Differences Between the Charbroiler and the Griddle

What is a charbroiler?

A charbroiler is a cooking device consisting of steel grates upon which you can place food to cook. The grates sit above a large combustion chamber, which is below heating burners. One of the leading benefits of choosing charbroilers is they can be used with a multitude of fuel sources, including wood, electricity, gas, and propane. Because of the flexibility of the technology, the size of charbroilers can also vary greatly.

What is a griddle?

The main difference with a griddle is that it uses a smooth pan like top compared to the ridges of the charbroiler. Sometimes a griddle only uses one burner, compared to the average 3 or 4 burners that you will find on a charbroiler. Griddles also offer a great heating range, allowing for optimal cooking and heating up of already-cooked foods.


A charbroiler is often better suited to restaurants in which steaks, chops, and handcrafted sandwiches are made, due to the distinctive grill marks you can achieve during cooking. The griddle is often considered the best choice for cooking meals such as eggs, bacon, and sausages. It’s why so many breakfast restaurants now choose griddles for their kitchen teams. You can also cook sandwiches and quesadillas on griddles because they offer such a wide cooking surface.

Choosing the right products

While both griddles and charbroilers provide optimal performance for a range of restaurants, you won’t achieve maximum value if you don’t select the right equipment for your business. Consider the latest options now offered through Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies. Our selection includes the Omcan Gas Equipment Series Model Griddle, which features large cool-to-touch dials, and easy-to-clean accessories for busy kitchen spaces. 

Another great option from the Zanduco catalogue is the Garland GTBG24-AR24, which has been engineered with heavy-duty, cast-iron grates to ensure years of maintenance-free performance. The product is a space-saving system designed to help restaurant teams make table-ready classics within a consolidated timeframe.

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is here to guide you in selecting leading class countertop griddle and charbroiler models. To learn more about our company and our complete range of products, please contact us today. Our sales team is ready to answer your questions and help you select exceptional equipment.