So You Want to Provide Catering Services and Buffets? Here's What You Need

So You Want to Provide Catering Services and Buffets? Here's What You Need

When a restaurant is looking to expand its operations, providing catering services and buffets is one possible solution. Catering can be an extremely lucrative area of foodservice since you can charge a premium for your services and people will still pay long as you can provide the goods, of course.

So there is a major risk vs. reward element here. Being able to provide catering services requires a substantial initial investment into equipment and supplies, but it can pay off with smart purchasing.

Must-Have Items for Providing Catering Services & Buffets

1 - Insulated food/drink transporters

When setting up catering or buffets, you'll almost always be limited in terms of what can be prepared on-site.  You'll need to prepare a lot of the food ahead of time, and that means you need insulated transporters to move food and drinks between your kitchen and the client's location.  Fortunately, there are plenty of options here, and they're stackable for easy transportation.

2 - Food warmers

Once you get the food on-site, you need to be able to display it in attractive ways, while also keeping it toasty. The type of warmer will simply depend on what you're providing. At the very least, you'll want some all-purpose food warmers or cabinets, chafers, food wells, heat lamps and trays, sauce warmers, and steamers.

Most of these run off electrical power, but some are potentially fuel-powered as well. Be sure you're aware of the facilities available at the client's location and choose your power sources to match.

3 - Display domes  

You don't want all your food sitting in metal boxes; they don't look very nice. You'll also want some display domes and trays for presenting your main courses, while still keeping them protected from the elements in between servings.

4 - Beverage dispensers

There are two big must-haves here. You'll want several large beverage dispensers, capable of holding multiple gallons of beverage along with ice. If possible, mix the drinks to be "too strong" so that they'll get appropriately diluted as the ice melts.

Also, you'll need at least one industrial-sized coffee percolator. Unless you're planning on setting up a dedicated coffee bar, you're going for quantity over quality when brewing coffee.

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