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Selecting a Panini Grill for Your Restaurant

A panini grill can enable your restaurant to serve high-quality sandwiches and deli options to its patrons. But selecting the right grill for your business might be a little more complicated than you first thought. There are various elements to consider and in this latest post, the team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies highlights some of these considerations.

Different Plate Configurations

First, you might consider the various plate configurations. A panini grill comes in a number of different configurations, including the following:

  • Grooved Top And Bottom

 This is ideal for adding aesthetically-pleasing grill lines to your products.

  • Smooth Top And Bottom

 Smooth top and bottom panini products grill the sandwiches evenly by maintaining contact with the sandwich throughout the cooking process. 

  • Grooved Top And Smooth Bottom

 The bottom of this system can be used to warm the sandwich while the top can be used to add the grill marks. 

  • Dual Grooved And Smooth

 Ideal for high-volume environments, the dual grooved and smooth panini grill is designed with grooved plates on one side and smooth plates featuring dual units with split lids for optimal productivity on the other.

Single or Dual?

When making the decision, you will come to the question of choosing either single or dual products. The single system is ideal for compact kitchen spaces and will perform effectively in low-volume sandwich making environments. The dual system can cook a range of products at once and provide the flexibility of unique cooking times for each menu item.

Grill Variations

Another important consideration is the grill variations commonly offered in the commercial kitchen industry. Panini grills are available in the following styles:

  • Medium-Duty Grills

Medium-duty products are great for use in delis, cafes and any environment in which your kitchen team will only be making a few sandwiches per day. For applications such as warming tortillas and grilling meats for sandwiches, medium-duty grills are a great choice

  • Heavy-Duty Grills

Built with durable hinges and handles, heavy-duty grills are the perfect choice for environments in which teams are constantly creating and serving sandwiches to their patrons. You’ll require heavy-duty grills if you operate a sandwich-only shop or produce dozens of sandwiches throughout the day.

Turn to the team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies for the latest options

Here at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality panini grills for use in your restaurant business. Our complete selection includes the 3200-Watt Double Panini Grill with Grooved Top and Bottom from Omcan. The product is built with a stainless-steel, cast-iron surface for easy cleaning and is a great choice for making hamburgers, paninis, focaccias, and pita sandwiches.
To discover more about Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies and our panini grill options, contact us today!