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Improve Your Outdoor Presence with Patio Furnishings

Not every patron likes sitting outside - but for some, a trip to a cafe or restaurant just isn't the same unless they can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outdoors while they eat.  A patio dining area can be a major draw.  It's also a good idea if your area is still under restrictions relating to the coronavirus outbreak - seating people outside helps encourage social distancing, as well as reducing overall chances of disease transmission.

Here are some important factors when choosing decor for your patio.

Four Important Considerations When Buying Outdoor Dining Furniture

1. Weather-resistance

Anything intended to be outdoors needs to be made of sturdy, waterproofed material that can withstand storms and other weather.  Metal, plastic, or wood are the standard options here.  Plastic is lightweight and easy to store, but also tends to look cheap.  Wood or metal will be more attractive to visitors but will also require more upkeep - as well as more effort, should you need to move them back inside.

2. Chairs: arms or no arms?

This question is basically one of comfort vs convenience.  Most patrons would prefer their chair have arms since that allows them to sit more comfortably.  However, chairs with arms are harder to stack and often won't fit underneath the table.  If you have limited space, or if you will be stacking up your chairs after closing each day, chairs without arms will save you a lot of hassle.

3. Shade and climate control

You never want the hot sun beating down on your outdoor guests, so it's imperative to provide shade of some sort.  This could be accomplished with architectural choices, such as a trellis overhead lined with vines or other flora.  Or, you could provide something along the lines of large umbrellas.

You should also plan for cold weather.  Have some heaters ready, if you want to keep guests warm at night.

4. Fences bring privacy

Finally, spare some thought for your guests' privacy.  They don't want a patio that just anyone can wander into.  Good fencing will make your patio more attractive to diners, as well as keeping them safe from prying eyes.  Pick a fence that matches your overall decor and vibe for the best effect!

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