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Impress Your Customers by Displaying Beautiful Sushi Options

Impress Your Customers by Displaying Beautiful Sushi Options

When first introduced to America in the 1960s-70s, sushi was a novelty, and too exotic for many to try.  However, beginning in the 80s, sushi restaurants moved towards the mainstream - embraced first in California, then it slowly spread across the rest of the nation, then the world.  Today, sushi is popular globally and can be found in a wide range of stores, cafes, and other venues.

Sushi can be a great addition to any restaurant which already handles fresh fish.  It requires few unique ingredients and can be sold at a premium well beyond the component prices.  It's also visually attractive and can be a great way to impress visitors to your restaurant - especially with great presentation in a sushi showcase!

What Makes Sushi Showcase Displays Special

Sushi showcases are different from typical food displays in a couple of key ways:

First, sushi showcases are refrigerated.  Sushi can generally be served up to a few hours after initial preparation, but it must be kept chilled for freshness and in a relatively humid environment so that it doesn't dry out.  If the sushi is ever allowed to warm up, even to room temperature, it will go bad quickly.

Additionally, sushi showcases generally have tighter doors and seals.  This prevents the refrigeration from being wasted, as well as minimizing the chances of the sushi being contaminated.  In general, sushi is rarely presented so that guests can serve themselves, although it is possible.

Choosing the Right Sushi Showcase for Your Restaurant

Sushi should be displayed in full view of the customer, or potentially even in your shop's window if you're feeling ambitious.  So, the showcase and its placement should be chosen with that in mind.  If you're keeping your sushi in the back, just keep it in a fridge.

Most sushi displays are quite similar.  They're primarily made of glass/plastic, the door generally slides open, and there will be a small refrigeration unit on the right or left, which is generally where the power cord will be.  The primary consideration here is finding space for the display and making sure your local power system can handle another refrigerated unit.

One major point of differentiation is the case material.  Aluminum is cheaper and resistant to tarnish but is lightweight and easily damaged.  Stainless steel is more expensive and harder, but if the finish becomes scratched, it can tarnish.

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