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How to Make Your Food Business Stand Out on Social Media

These days, if you’re a restaurant or commercial food business not utilizing social media, you’re already at a disadvantage. It’s likely that most of your competitors are already using social media as a way to boost their customer base and increase their bottom line. But how do you truly make your social media campaigns shine?

As one of Canada’s leading restaurant supply companies, the team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies wanted to share some important tips to help you boost your social media campaigns, so read on!

10 Great Ideas for Commercial Kitchen or Restaurant Social Media Campaigns

1. Make Ordering an Option on Social Media

These days, social media platforms allow users and businesses to do much more than simply browse photos and make comments. In some cases, you might be able to set up your page to also include ordering options directly from your social media page. For those using specialized delivery systems, many of them can now be integrated into social media sites like Facebook, making it even easier for you to garner new clients.

2. Offer Incentives

Offering incentives like discounts and coupons is another way to catch the attention of your followers. For those worried about losing business to third-party ordering platforms, offering coupons or incentives on your social media site can be a way for them to skip the middleman and order directly from your site, as long as the incentive is appealing enough of course.

3. Take Advantage of Video

These days, including high-quality photos of your offerings or services, is definitely a must for social media pages, but going one step further and offering some videos to your followers can have great results. The reason videos get such good results is that they’re engaging and can help followers put a face on your brand. You can use them for anything, from wishing a special customer a happy birthday to introducing your cook staff one by one.  

4. Ask For Help

Everybody needs a little help sometimes, even in the social media world, so don’t be afraid to ask your loyal followers to help spread the word about your business. They can do so by sharing your posts or retweeting. You can also make the process more interactive by asking customers questions and having polls, like what’s your favorite dish or who’s your favorite famous chef!

5. Hold Competitions

Everyone loves winning prizes, especially if they’re from their favorite restaurant. Hosting competitions that offer rewards and giveaways are a great way to show your current followers how much you appreciate them, as well as attract new followers interested in throwing their hat in the ring to win some prizes.

6. Stay Current

The most successful social media pages for restaurants are the ones doing not only all of the things mentioned above but also staying up to date on current affairs and what’s going on around the world. This can mean everything from commenting on sports events to putting together specialized social media campaigns for holidays, and more. Doing these types of things will help you better connect with your followers and do wonders for increasing engagement.

7. Share Images from Customers

Another fantastic way to both show your appreciation and highlight your brand is to share the photos that customers take and tag you in. Not only will you be illustrating to them that you’re interested in what they’re doing but their followers will also take notice if one of their friends’ photos is shared by a popular local restaurant or a big chain. Sharing customers’ photos can give them a bit of an ego boost and encourage more customers to follow suit; be sure to always ask for permission first though and give them credit where it’s due by tagging them.

8. Give Followers an Inside Look

One of the best ways to begin building trust with your followers on social media is by helping them get to know you better, so give them an inside look into how your restaurant or commercial kitchen operates. You can introduce your employees, snap some pics of the owners, grab videos of your cooks in action, and a host of other things that will help build consumer trust and highlight who’s working behind-the-scenes.

9. Engage with Followers

Arguably, one of the best things about social media is that it gives restaurants and commercial kitchens a chance to truly engage with their followers one on one. When someone comments on your page or a photo, shoot them a short thank you message. You can also start a conversation around your brand and solve potential pain points customers have by addressing them directly on social media, demonstrating how important your customer base is to you. Others will certainly take notice of this and you’ll start a buzz around your business.

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Brag a Little

Do you have a new dish on the menu? Maybe your restaurant or commercial kitchen just invested in a new wood-fired pizza oven; don’t be afraid to show these things off a bit. After all, the point of having a social media page is, at the end of the day, to highlight all of those dishes and seasonal offerings you have, so don’t hesitate to show off your brand on occasion.

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