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How Melamine Products Became a Top Option for Canadian Restaurants

Melamine dinnerware is now used across the country as a lighter and more cost-effective alternative to products such as china. But how did melamine gain such popularity and what are the major benefits of using melamine within your restaurant?

We’ll address these questions as we provide a full guide on using melamine in your restaurant. 

The Rise in Popularity of Melamine Dishware

Melamine is a hard plastic that combines melamine resin with strengthening materials. The organic industrial compound has become popular for its durability and its effective performance within the modern kitchen.

Is Melamine Safe?

While reports have been released questioning the safety of melamine products, no studies have found any issues with melamine. The FDA states that plastic melamine tableware is safe for use and that the plastics used in melamine will not migrate or transfer into food as long as the melamine is not heated to 160-degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Dishwasher Performance

Another clear benefit of melamine dishware is that it’s 100% dishwasher-safe. Many lines of serving dishes can handle heat that exceeds the recommended dishwasher water temperatures. The high heat rating of melamine dishes also means they dry faster than other types of dinnerware. So, your dishwasher will be ready for another load in a quicker timeframe compared with other types of dishes.


The durability of melamine dishes means they are very difficult to break. The product will not shatter when it’s dropped, so it’s highly safe for use in a range of commercial kitchen environments. While china has an annual replacement rate of 50-150% due to its fragility, melamine has a replacement rate of just 10-20%. So, you’ll save money on dishes when investing in melamine dishware.

How Can I Maintain Melamine?

Below are several tips for ensuring your melamine dishware stays in peak condition:
• Do not place melamine in a conventional oven
• Do not use chlorine bleach on melamine
• Do not use harsh abrasive cleaners such as steel wool or metal scouring pads on melamine
• Do not use serrated knives on melamine products

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