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How Food Trucks Can Increase Your Profits and Visibility

How Food Trucks Can Increase Your Profits and Visibility

Right now, restaurant owners across the nation are scrambling to find new ways to keep their culinary careers despite the ongoing pandemic.  One potential solution would be to start running a food truck!  It's easier to maintain social distancing with a food truck, while still putting your name in front of people.

This can be especially helpful for small business owners since a food truck only needs one or two people to operate it, so there's limited need for manpower.

So, here are a few food truck tips to help get you started.

Five Food Truck Tips for Newcomers


We cannot emphasize this enough: Before investing any money into a food truck project, contact your local regulatory authorities.  Find out what hoops you'll have to jump through.  Depending on the local regulations, you may even be limited in what kinds of food you're allowed to cook in the truck.  Any legal mistake could be extremely costly, so don't take chances.

 2. Pick a catchy name

Food trucks need to be eye-catching and memorable.  A great name goes a long way towards accomplishing that.  Don't be afraid of puns, either.  Much like with coffee shops and hair salons, the most memorable names are usually dad jokes.

If possible, hire a local artist to give your truck appropriate art to enhance its memorability.

3. Offer season-appropriate foods

The menu in your food truck shouldn't be totally fixed.  It should shift with the seasons.  For example, as of writing, it's nearing winter.  So right now, food trucks would be smart to offer hot savory food like stews, chili, curries, and similar warming dishes.

4. Make partnerships with businesses

One of the best ways to 'make it' as a food truck is to form partnerships with a few local businesses, where you show up at their parking lot at a predetermined time every day.  This gives you a steady flow of quasi-captive customers who may not have many other options for dining, particularly if they only have short lunch breaks.

5. Offering catering

Finally, don't simply drive around or park in lots looking for customers.  Offer catering and make yourself available for any public outdoor events that might be appropriate.  Do whatever you can to make your food available to as many people as possible.


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