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Expert Tips for Choosing Waffle Makers

Expert Tips for Choosing Waffle Makers

Whether you’re running a breakfast restaurant or a café that offers quality desserts, a professional waffle maker can improve your team’s productivity and enhance your reputation. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has significant experience presenting clients with quality waffle makers and today we’re showcasing our tips for choosing the best products.

Learn the styles of waffle

Before you begin reviewing the latest waffle makers, take the time to explore the full range of waffles offered in local restaurants. These options include:

  • Traditional waffle

The traditional waffle is thin with a crispy exterior and has small pockets to capture and distribute the syrup.

  • Belgian waffle

The Belgian waffle is light and fluffy and has large and deep pockets. These waffles are usually made with square grids instead of round. 

  • Waffle cones

Another leading product is the waffle cone. The waffle cone is a very thin cone or bowl used to serve ice cream. The difference is that waffle-cone makers are designed to create smaller pockets so the product can be easily rolled into shape.

  • Mini waffles

Growing in popularity, mini waffles are a signature snack in cafes and fast-paced restaurants that specialize in light breakfasts. The mini waffle can be stacked like a pancake and may be served as part of a larger meal.

Features to review

When selecting from the leading waffle makers, you should learn more about the types of features available. For example, consider the following:

  • Voltage

The two most common voltage options when choosing waffle makers are 120-volt products and 240-volt products. 240-volt products will heat waffles quicker, but you may prefer the versatility of the 120-volt systems.

  • Capacity

How many waffles can the system fit at one time? The smallest have a single waffle per batch capacity while the larger systems can cook four at a time. Larger capacities are suitable for cooking higher volumes simultaneously. 

  • Grid finish

The leading models are made with a non-stick grid, which ensures simple cleaning work can be completed. Ensure your waffle makers use cast-iron plates for the ideal combination of durability and results.

Our waffle makers

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies specializes in offering the highest-quality kitchen equipment for use within your restaurant. Our full selection of waffle makers includes the Nemco Belgian Waffle Baker, which is uniquely designed to offer digitally-precise levels of cooking for delicious Belgian waffles. With an average cooking time of just 3.5 minutes, the Nemco Belgian Waffle Maker can cook as many as twenty Belgian waffles per hour. 

Another great option is the Breville BWM640XL, which features an intelligent automation system for the perfect cooking type with each waffle created. The product also offers browning control and a no-mess moat for simple maintenance.

To learn more about the waffle makers on offer through Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies contact our team today!