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Enjoying Baking & Cooking at Home During COVID-19

Has your favorite restaurant around the corner shut its doors until things return to normal? Perhaps you find yourself in the house much more these days due to social distancing. Either way now is a great time to hone those cooking skills or beef up your residential cookware collection. Even if you’re not a whiz in the kitchen, taking the time to learn a few new recipes or cooking styles is a great way to have fun while still staying safe and healthy at home.

The team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies knows that sometimes it can be tough to be cooped up at home, which is why we’re here to provide a little inspiration. Here are some great ways to stay busy while keeping safe during COVID-19.

5 Ways to Enjoy Baking & Cooking at Home

Not everyone is a great chef or baker, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still enjoy themselves when in the kitchen. Whether you live alone or with family, experimenting with foods, flavors, and cooking styles is a great way to stay positive, learn something new, and pass the time until you’re able to visit friends or hit your favorite nearby restaurant again.

Here are some great ways you can enjoy yourself in the kitchen.

1. Learn to Cook Your Favorite Recipes

If you’re craving one of your favorite signature dishes from that Italian restaurant in town or haven’t been able to splurge on your ideal dessert lately, why not learn how to make these dishes on your own? Spending some quality time in the kitchen can easily translate into learning how to make the dishes you crave, without the cost.


For those who are new to cooking or lack the essential residential cookware to create a one-of-a-kind plate from a five-star restaurant, there are plenty of ways to adapt a favorite dish for your needs. For example, fans of barbecue might try experimenting with creating their own signature spice rub or sauce to glaze those ribs; burger connoisseurs can create their own marinade. Fans of pizza might try cooking up their own favorite pie. If you don’t have the right tools, it’s easy to order cooking accessories online.

2. Experiment with Unusual Ingredients

Another fun way to enjoy cooking and baking at home is to experiment with ingredients you wouldn’t normally cook with. You’d be surprised at how many of those spices and canned foods in the cupboard you can turn into something unique and appetizing. Of course, it may take a trip to the grocery store or two to make certain you have everything you need, but it will be worth it. Even something as simple as a dozen eggs can turn into a variety of different dishes, like quiche, a frittata, or souffle; the best part is there is a wealth of easily accessible recipes online.

Try checking out your favorite cooking blog or searching YouTube for a way to expand your palette and cook up inventive dishes.

3. Cook Together with Family

If you’re working from home or spending more time with the family, why not turn dinner into a family activity? Plan a fun menu with your children or partner and cook some of your favorite dishes together. You can each take turns preparing different parts of a meal or using cooking methods you don’t have much experience with, making it a fun learning process you can enjoy together as a couple.

Getting children in the kitchen is also a great idea, especially if they’ve been staying home from school recently. Having them help in the kitchen can keep them sharp. You can have younger children be your assistants, measuring and mixing ingredients while practicing their math skills along the way. Older kids can learn a new recipe or two to pitch in around the house.

4. Take a Culinary Trip

If you’re stuck inside you can still see the world, through food. Now is a great time to take a culinary trip around the world, cooking signature dishes from abroad. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to visit China; cook a dish from Szechuan. You could learn how to make Japanese Okonomiyaki, a delicious sweet and savory pancake. Fans of Italian food might want to try making their favorite regional pasta dish.

You can turn it into a full evening by capping everything off with a foreign film or documentary filmed in the place that inspired your regional dish!

5. Learn How to Make Things from Scratch

Are you tired of fighting for the best goods at the grocery store and coming up empty-handed or waiting in line and battling the crowds? Well, why not learn how to make the essentials from scratch? There are a wealth of recipes that can teach you how to make key ingredients, like bread and fresh pasta noodles.

Such things won’t only help you avoid the need to go to the store, but also become lifelong skills that you can rely on in the kitchen.

 Expand Your Residential Cookware Collection

If you’re going to spend more time in the kitchen, you might need some supplies. Luckily, the team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has everything you need to turn your home into a first-rate kitchen.

Here are a few great cooking supplies and accessories that will make things easier for you!

1. Pasta Sheeter

Mama mia! Start making some of the most delicious pasta dishes in the home from scratch today with a quality electric pasta sheeter. One of the best things about this piece of equipment is that it’s all electric, so no need to turn the roller by hand. It creates two distinct types of pasta: fettuccine and tagliatelle.

2. Baking Mixer

Mixing dough by hand can be time-consuming and exhausting, which is why the 7-QT Gray Baking Mixer with Guard is one of our most popular products. This electric baking mixer is a perfect addition to any kitchen, equipped with whisk, hook, and beater attachments. Make everything from cake batter to pasta dough, all with the simple touch of a button.

3. Immersion Blender

Known for creating some of the industry’s leading cooking equipment, Cuisinart has certainly gone above and beyond with CSB-100C Smart Stick 700 Watt Hand Blender. You can make your favorite sauces and soups without all of the legwork. This high-powered immersion blender is great for beating eggs, chopping nuts, shredding cheese, making whipped cream and mashed potatoes, and more.

4. Sandwich Grill

Cook up a quick panini for lunch or grill those burger buns to perfection with the OMCAN 1800-Watt Single Panini Grill. Perfect for everything from pita sandwiches to quesadillas, this sandwich grill makes it easy to whip up a quick meal without all of the time and cleanup required by more traditional cooking methods.

5. Storage Containers

If you’re trying to avoid running to the store frequently and want to prevent your fresh ingredients from spoiling, investing in storage containers is a great idea. Whether you want to store dried foods or keep raw ingredients fresh, the right containers will minimize spoilage, help save money, and also keep your kitchen organized.

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