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Discover the Process for Choosing the Best Prep Table

A prep table can help organize your kitchen, giving your team the space and tools, they need to create quality meals for your patrons. But which is the right prep table for your kitchen and restaurant goals?
We’ll address this important question and review the various types of prep tables available for your business.

What are TSSU, TPP, and TFP Products?

Before you select the prep table for your business, you should learn more about the options within the industry. The TSSU, the TPP, and the TFP are the three most popular choices for your business. The TSSU is a True Sandwich/Salad Unit, the TPP is a True Pizza Prep table, and the TFP is a True Food Prep table. Let’s look at the difference between these models:

Prep Space

A key consideration when choosing any table is the amount of space each product offers. The TPP is designed with significant depth, with approximately 20 inches of prep space for the preparation of large pizzas, while the TFP only has about 10 inches of prep space.

The TFP and the TSSU are similar in size, but the TFP has additional storage at the top. Each of the TSSU, TPP, and TFP features a polyurethane cutting board that can be simply removed for precise cleaning. Remember to match the counter depth to the meal you’ll be making in the kitchen. If there’s too much space on the prep table, your employees might find it difficult accessing the ingredients in the table’s various compartments. You should also consider the amount of space in the kitchen. Do you have enough room for the prep table and other important equipment? 


The base of the prep table is another consideration. Do you require a door or drawer-based system? A drawer-based system is designed to fit standard food pans and will ensure that the pans can simply be removed from the top section of the table without wasting prep time. The door configuration is a great option when you require a space with adjustable shelves. In some cases, you may find a prep table that offers both but it’s important you consider either the door or drawer options and the value they could bring to your restaurant.

Pan Capacity

How much pan capacity does your ideal food prep table have and can you ensure that each of the pans required fits within the table? These are questions you should ask when reviewing the latest options.

Maintaining the freshness of the food should be the leading priority for your kitchen team. When you store more food than you will use in the table, the unused portion of the food may spoil. So, it’s important that you understand precisely how much space you will require both in terms of pans and appliance storage. Calculate how many pans you will be using within the prep table during your busiest time of the day, and then make sure you select a table with the optimal capacity.

There is very little difference between the TPP, TSSU, and TFP when it comes to pan capacity. Each product is offered in a variety of sizes and lengths. Make sure you choose the right size and style for your restaurant. You should also note that many of the True Food Prep Tables have extra space at the end. This gives you additional room to store dry materials and appliances. But it means you may have to consider the extra length of the table when planning for adding the unit in your kitchen.

Forced Air Cooling or Cold-Wall Cooling?

The style of cooling required for your food prep table is another element to carefully consider. Forced air cooling wicks heat away and distributes chilled air across the product. It’s a great choice if you’re storing vegetables and smaller products. Cold-wall cooling is designed to cool dense products like meats and cheese. You’ll require cold-wall cooling when storing products like pizza. 

Air Intake

The intake and exhaust should be reviewed before you make your final decision about a food prep table. While many restaurants will have room to vent the table either out the front or the back of the unit, if your unit is pressed against a wall, this can be a significant challenge. Make sure that you have a front-facing exhaust model if you’ll be pushing the prep table against the wall in your kitchen.

Which Unit is Right for My Business?

Ultimately, the decision about which of the TSSU, TPP or TFP units is right for your kitchen team should be made based on the evolving requirements of your business. Take the following into close consideration alongside the other elements we’ve previously mentioned:

  • Price

Make sure you get a quote for the unit before making the final decision. This could impact your organization in the long-term if you overspend on your prep table. 

  • Maintenance

Consider the long-term maintenance required for your table. While each product is designed for effective performance in the long-term, you might need small updates and fixes as time passes, and this can add to the cost of the unit. 

  • Ease-of-use

How much time will it take to train your team to use the system? Is the unit simple to add to your current kitchen processes? Review the ease-of-use provided by the equipment and determine whether it can be simply integrated. 

Turn to Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies for the Latest Prep Tables

Our professionals at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies can offer you access to the highest quality True prep tables. 

Our complete selection includes the following options:

True TPP-44 44" One Door Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table

The True TPP-44 44" One Door Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table is designed with a forced-air system that holds the temperature between .5C and 5C. It comes with an extra deep 191/2” full-length removable cutting board made from high-density polyurethane for surface toughness. It also features heavy-duty PVC shelving to provide the required storage durability that all kitchens need for exceptional productivity in the long-term.

True TFP-72-30M-D-2 72" Two Door/Two Drawer Sandwich/Salad Prep Table

The True TFP-72-30M-D-2 72" Two Door/Two Drawer Sandwich/Salad Prep table features a stainless-steel, foam-insulated lid and hood to keep pan temperatures colder and lock in freshness. The design also minimizes condensation for simpler preparation and the lid is removable for easy cleaning. You’ll save money on energy using the True TFP-72-30M-D-2 72" Two Door/Two Drawer Sandwich/Salad Prep table as it features an energy-saving forced air unit to reduce operational costs. The product also features a corrosion-resistant back to minimize maintenance over the long-term.

True TSSU-36-08 36" Solid Door Sandwich/Salad Unit

The True TSSU-36-08 36" Solid Door Sandwich/Salad Unit sets the standards for performance quality within the prep table market. The product features an oversized factory-balanced refrigeration system, which guides airflow to ensure uniform food temperature in pans and the interior cabinet. It also features a condensing unit with access on both sides to provide simpler maintenance in the kitchen. Another key benefit of the True TSSU-36-08 36" Solid Door Sandwich/Salad Unit is its stainless-steel lid, which helps to keep food temperature colder and locks in the freshness of the product ready for serving. It’s one of the leading options for restaurants with significant sandwich and salad prep demands.

Select the Latest Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies Products and Save

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is here to help you reduce the cost of your food prep tables and help you achieve a lasting return on investment for the years ahead. We work with only the most trusted manufacturers of quality prep tables and can help you integrate the equipment in your kitchen space.

We can also reduce the amount of time it takes to ship the equipment to your kitchen. Our shipping process is designed to be fast and affordable, giving you the equipment, your business requires in the shortest possible timeframe. 

We’re here to answer your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us online! To discover more about our prep table selection or any of the options within our catalogue, please call us today at 1 (855) 926-3826. 

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