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Different Types of High Chairs and Accessories for Your Restaurant

Make Families Welcome in Your Restaurant with The Right High Chairs

If your restaurant caters to families, it's vital to have plenty of high chairs available so that they can bring the little ones.  Otherwise, you could potentially lose a lot of business if you're unable to accommodate families with small children.

As with all things in your restaurant, you've got a few options when it comes to what sort of high chairs you provide.  Generally speaking, it's usually best to have an assortment, in case your customer has a strong preference. So, here's a quick guide to the major types of children's seats available, and their benefits to your restaurant.

What Kinds Of High Chairs And Accessories Are Available?

I - Wooden High Chairs

Just because you're seating families, you don't have to sacrifice a sense of class and decorum. Wooden high chairs can fit in with a wide range of interior decoration styles, especially when they can come in multiple finishes such as walnut or mahogany.

Wooden high chairs have a few inherent benefits as well. The way they're designed allows them to be stacked quickly and easily, meaning they'll take up relatively little space in your restaurant. Also, being made of wood, they're going to be long-lasting. On top of that, due to their simple construction, they're also among the most affordable options in high chairs as well - making them an excellent all-around choice.

However, there are a couple of things to note. These chairs do not include built-in trays, so the child will need to be able to reach the table directly. Also, they will be a bit more difficult to clean. Make sure to be thorough, and the finish may need to be touched up from time to time if it's damaged.

II - Plastic High Chairs

If you run a casual establishment or don't care as much about having your high chairs match the rest of the furnishing, plastic high chairs have a lot to offer.

The biggest benefit is that typical plastic high chairs come with a built-in tray, usually also with its own drink holder. This makes it easier for the child to reach their food, as well as minimizing disruption if they spill something. The tray will keep everything contained, away from the main meal. Also, they are generally considered to be a bit more comfortable than wooden variations.

Plus, plastic chairs are easy to clean, and minor damage won't affect their usage.
On the other hand, their complicated construction makes them difficult to stack. While they are sturdy, a wooden high chair will usually last longer under normal usage situations.

III - Accessories

Finally, if you are buying high chairs, don't forget to get some spares.  In particular, you'll want to have several extra high chair straps available, because you always need working straps to secure children to the seats. Additionally, if you're utilizing plastic high chairs, you'll want some extra trays as well.  Then if an accident does occur, you can quickly swap them out without delay.

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