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Commercial Meat Saws & How to Determine What Type is Right for You

Commercial Meat Saws & How to Determine What Type is Right for You


Whether you’re a busy restaurant or an up-and-coming catering company, carrying meat products can help you expand your offerings and create unique dishes. But to be able to serve a variety of items, you might find that it makes the most sense to be able to butcher and cut meat products yourself. This way the meat you offer is always fresh and extremely tasty. So many commercial establishments choose to invest in their very own commercial meat saws, enabling them to quickly and easily produce any cut of meat desired.


At Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, we carry a number of different meat saws that offer a range of benefits depending on your needs. Below, we’ve highlighted some important facts about them and broken down the different types and styles.


What are the Different Types of Commercial Meat Saws?

The two most common types of commercial meat saws are band meat saws and meat slicers. The former is designed for much higher volumes and cutting through bone or harder meats when needed, the latter often used for slicing sandwich meats and the like. However, butcher shops will often need both types of meat saws around in order to best serve their customers.


How they Work

  • Band Meat Saws: Band meat saws employ a specialized blade or band capable of cutting large quantities of meat in a short amount of time. There are two different types of meat saw blades often used with band meat saws, the first blade, also known as a butcher band saw blade, is designed to cut bones and frozen meat. The second one, referred to as a scalloped-edge band saw blade is for cutting through softer, boneless pieces of meat.


  • Meat Slicers: Meat slicers are actually scroll saws that use smaller blades to make more precise cuts of meat. For smaller cuts that might not be possible using the meat band saw, meat slicers are ideal, making it easy to cut things like bacon, chicken breasts, and other boneless meat products.


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Whether you own a butcher shop or a five-star restaurant, having a meat saw on hand can help you produce high-quality cuts of meat for your dishes at the drop of a hat. For more ordering information, call Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies today at 1 (855) 926-3826