Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Equipment for the Kitchen

The equipment in your commercial kitchen must be designed to support your business in the long-term. It’s the reason why business owners take their time selecting quality refrigeration systems. In this new post, our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies explains more about how to choose high-quality commercial refrigeration equipment for your kitchen.

Consider cost per month

One of the foremost considerations for choosing your next commercial refrigerator is the system’s cost per month. How much will your business have to spend to keep the system running over the years ahead? Make sure you speak with a supplier and complete the calculations well in advance of the purchase process.

Book a consultation

Before making any major decisions about the type of commercial refrigeration equipment you require for your kitchen, make sure you book a consultation with a local specialist. The specialist can help you to decide which system suits your business and meets your performance needs. One of the leading considerations in this process is the experience of the specialist. Ensure your chosen supplier has many years of experience across the commercial equipment marketplace.

Discuss plans with your team 

A common mistake many business owners make in integrating new commercial refrigeration equipment is not getting the team’s feedback regarding the products. Ask the team directly about the type of refrigeration equipment they require, and you should also ask them which systems would most benefit the business in the long-term. Discuss the timeframe so teams know when to expect the new refrigeration equipment to arrive.

Review maintenance needs

Finally, before deciding which commercial equipment your kitchen team requires for their work, make sure you learn more about the maintenance needs for the equipment. Ask the supplier directly about the total cost of equipment in terms maintenance and how much time the maintenance might take.

Our experienced team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is committed to helping you save money on quality kitchen equipment. To review the full range of options in our selection, call today.

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