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Bring in New Customers by Taking Your Restaurant Online

Bring in New Customers by Taking Your Restaurant Online

Even in the best of times, most restaurants struggle to bring in enough patrons to stay afloat.  During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, it's been more difficult than ever.  Restaurants are starting to look hard for new solutions to staying afloat - and a stronger push towards foodservice apps and websites foodservice technology might be the answer!

Tips for Improving Your Restaurant's Digital Presence

1. Building a (better) website for your restaurant

Does your operation have a website?  If not, it's high time to build one!  Fortunately, there are numerous website hosts today that make it easy for even newcomers to build an effective website, and at affordable rates.  Many hosts even build eCommerce features (like payment systems) directly into their website offerings.

If you already have a website, make it better!  Update the graphics, and try to give it a 'feel' that better matches your restaurant's vibe.

2. Embrace online ordering/delivery systems

Unsurprisingly, there's been a boom in foodservice apps and websites since the outbreak - and you definitely should be getting in on that action.  Look to partner with a food delivery service and accept orders via the website.  Even if you can't have very many patrons at your restaurant (or may even have to be drive-thru only) you can substantially increase your earnings with online ordering.

 3. Learn a bit about SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of standard methods and practices for helping to improve the visibility of your restaurant website when people make searches on Google or other search engines.  Focus on including keywords and phrases that people might logically use when searching for restaurants like yours.  Also, include many geographical references in your website copy that describe the area(s) you serve. 

That increases the odds that when someone says, "Siri, what's a [restaurant type] near me?" it'll be your shop that Siri mentions.

4. Encourage visitors to leave online reviews

Online reviews are incredibly important to improving your online visibility.  First, they serve the obvious purpose of promoting your business and convincing people to give you a try.  However, they're also important to SEO!  When several restaurants all fit a certain search phrase, search engines usually use reviews as the tiebreaker.  The best-reviewed shops get first mention!

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