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A Guide to the Best Pizza Supplies in Canada

Pizza continues to be one of the most popular food options at restaurants across the country. It’s no surprise that restaurant operators in Canada require quality pizza supplies to support this growing demand. Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies works with manufacturers throughout the industry to offer access to the latest pizza-making tools. In this latest post, we’re presenting our guide to getting the best pizza supplies for your business.

The Pan Variations

First, let’s take a look at some of the pan variations and the style of pizza you can create with each pan. 

Coupe Pizza Pans

The traditional pizza pan style, these models are designed to create any New York style pizza with a soft, thin crust, which is easy to eat while on the move. 

Deep Dish Pans

Designed for the traditional Chicago-style pizza, deep dish pans create a pizza with higher sides and a crust that is chewier and more defined.

Square Deep-Dish Pans

Pizza Screens and Disks

Beyond pizza pans, another great option for cooking pizzas is using pizza screens or disks. Let’s examine a few of the benefits each of these options offers:

Pizza Screens

Pizza screens can be used to make pizzas quicker than you could with a pan. They are designed for use in conveyor pizza ovens. Using pizza screens, you can serve pizza by the slice more easily because the mesh prevents the pizza from becoming too soggy. Pizza screens give you a crispier crust, as heat can easily travel through the mesh.

Pizza Disks

Also known as pizza stones, pizza disks can be used to create quality pizzas without the use of a pizza oven. They are generally thicker than a pan or a screen and are made from durable material such as ceramic. The porous surface of the disk absorbs the heat, creating a crispier crust.

Our selection of pizza supplies for Canada-based restaurants

Here at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality pizza supplies to our clients across Canada. One of the leading choices we have is the 20" Aluminum Pizza Pan, designed for use in fast-paced restaurant spaces. We also offer screen products such as the Pizza Screen 20X24.

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has many years of experience delivering quality supplies to clients throughout the country. We understand the challenges our clients face and can help you to respond to the changing demands of your customers. To learn more about our company and the full range of pizza equipment we offer, please call us today.