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A Guide to Selecting Wine Openers and Other Bar Supplies in Canada

The efficiency and proficiency with which your bar staff open their wines and maintain the freshness of the bottle is critical to providing quality service. This means selecting the right bar supplies such as wine openers from quality suppliers in Canada to help make sure your staff can do their jobs properly. 

In this latest post, we’re offering a complete guide to selecting wine openers

Understanding the corkscrew

Corkscrews work, generally, by using three components: a handle, a worm, and a boot lever. The worm drives into the bottle to remove the cork, the handle provides the required leverage and grip for the process, and the boot lever provides further leverage when removing corks from different angles, such as when waiting tables. While they seem like a simple tool, this bar tool is extremely important 

Elements to consider when buying wine openers

Make sure you take the following elements into full consideration when selecting your bar supplies in Canada:

  • Ease of use

The wine opener should be easy for your team to use. The easier the product is to use, the less time it will take them to open wine for customers.

  • Performance

Consider your full range of wine opening options, including the waiter’s corkscrew, which is more portable and offers convenience for teams on the move.

  • Size

Size should also be considered. Can the product fit in a waiter’s pocket easily? Can multiple corkscrews be stored simply within the kitchen space? 

  • Type of cork

There are two distinct types of cork: synthetic and natural. Synthetic corks are denser and may require more force and twisting to remove. Synthetic corks are less likely to break during removal, however. Natural corks are often used to naturally age wine as intended by the producer.

  • Style of restaurant

One final element to consider is your style of restaurant. If you operate an upscale restaurant, you might consider vintage corkscrews that offer an increased presentation value. While event venues in which many wine bottles will be opened over a short period of time might opt for a table mounted corkscrew for working efficiency.

Our Selection of Bar Supplies

Our team at Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies offers a selection of quality bar supplies for restaurants across Canada. Our corkscrew range is second-to-none in the industry. Consider the Table Mount Wine Bottle Opener, which is designed to attach any flat surface and provides a flat handle for simple leverage. Or you might choose the Combination Waiter’s Corkscrew, which features nickel-plated steel and a stainless steel knife blade for optimal opening efficiency.

Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies is considered one of the leading Canadian companies for quality bar supplies. Contact us today to discuss the latest wine opening options and shop now!