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A Guide to Open Refrigerated Display Cases from Zanduco

Zanduco’s Guide to Open Refrigerated Display Cases

When it comes to keeping your food products cool and easily accessible, one the of the leading ways to do so is by investing in open refrigerated display cases. Such cases have a host of advantages for commercial kitchens and restaurant owners.

As one of the country’s leading commercial food resources, Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has helped plenty of kitchens find the right refrigeration equipment. Here are some insightful facts to get you started on your search.

What Exactly is an Open Refrigerated Display?

Much like it sounds, an open refrigerated display is a type of refrigeration equipment in which food can be stored and easily accessed, often via a sliding glass door or another type of compartment. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles and the right one for your restaurant or commercial kitchen will depend upon your needs. Another important component of open refrigerated displays is that they’re designed to display items to staff and customers in addition to keeping them cool.

What are the Benefits of an Open Refrigerated Display for Your Business?

As mentioned above, one of the biggest benefits of an open refrigerated display case is that you can showcase your products to clients who enter your restaurant or commercial kitchen. This also makes it easier to choose products that are attractive to them and ask questions about specific ones. Of course, another benefit is that they help ensure all of your products remain of the utmost quality, as well as providing you with energy-efficient cooling options.

What’s the Ideal Setting for an Open Refrigerated Display?

Since they’re so versatile, open refrigeration display cases work well in a variety of settings. Those who have a restaurant that sells desserts will benefit from being able to showcase their offerings to guests. Additionally, busier commercial kitchens can also benefit from open display refrigeration equipment because it will be much easier for them to find what they’re looking for at a glance.

Choose Zanduco for your refrigeration equipment!

The team from Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has a wide range of display cases to choose from, including our Hydra-Kool KGH-OF-40-S 41" Floor Model Open Display Cooler, which boasts a quality stainless steel exterior and a wide range of features. We also carry affordable open-front deli and display cases, like the Hydra-Kool KFM-OF-80-R 77.5" Open Front Refrigerated Deli Case, perfect for showcasing your best-selling cold cuts or cakes.

To learn more about our inventory of refrigerated equipment, call Zanduco Restaurant Equipment & Supplies today at 1 (855) 926-3826.